Fitness Trainer Marketing Trifecta

Seems like I’m living in Las Vegas these day…

The view from my suite last week

I’m on my way back to Vegas for my fitness info mastermind group and to kill it at the Fitness Info Blueprint LIVE workshop on Sunday along with Craig Ballantyne and a bunch of really awesome fitness entrepreneurs and up and coming fitness info marketing super stars.

Before I leave though, I wanted to hook you up with three client getting systems that you can use in the next two weeks to build a bigger list, get more clients, and make more profit.

In fact this is the blueprint I would use to get a bunch of new clients if I were in a hurry to build my business.

Here’s how it works…

The three systems are:

1.   Human billboard 2.5

2.   21day rapid fat loss program

3.     The body fat testing station

System One is Human Billboard 2.5.

Here’s how this works.

This works best if you run group training programs or boot camps because you can absorb these billboards into your program without it costing you any more time or money.

If you only do one on one training then now would be a good time to start a couple of group training time slots at least for this promotion.

The way the Human Billboard 2.5 system works is instead of giving away your boot camp or group training away for free you actually charge them for the first month… and then give them the next 11 months free (as long as they are referring you leads).

Step 1. Go out and talk to 10 people a day. YES it MUST be at least ten people a day so that by the end of the week you’ve talked to 50 people. Of the 50 people about 20 will agree to the program/offer and of the twenty, about ten will be your “super billboards” who send you a ton of referrals.

If you’re scared of rejection or unsure if you can go out there and talk to ten people a day then, 1. You’re probably always going to struggle to make ends meet, and 2. I want you to read this post to get your head straight and stop pussy footing around.

To give you further proof that this system works like gang busters here’s an email I got from one of my coaching clients who went out and did this method.



Don’t you just LOVE the law of SUCCESS BREEDS SUCCESS??

When I told you on Monday that I stood up in front of a crowd and snatched up 5 $299 Human Billboard clients in 46 minutes, that gave me some insane warrior confidence. Now, just 2 DAYS LATER, I just sold a single $5444 1 year contract for a body transformation coaching package to a woman whom I’ve never met in my life. We’re talking ALL profit, costing me only 2 hours per MONTH of my time. She just called me up because she heard about me from a friend. I drilled her right through the sale in exactly 49 minutes … Sent her a link … Click … Cha-Ching!

Just had to tell you.

Thomas Tadlock


Step 2. Here’s the script you’re gonna use when you go to malls, coffee shops, health food store, and in front of movie theaters (all good places to pick up HB2.5 clients).

“Hi, my name is <your first name>, I’m a personal trainer, and I need a woman’s opinion, can I ask you one question?

I’m thinking of starting a new fitness program next week and I have two options I can go with and I’d love to know which one you would use.

Option one is a 12 month program where the member would pay a discounted rate of $199 month for 12 month. My typical programs run $299 a month.

And option two is a 12 month program too, but you’d only pay $299 for the first month and then the next 11 months are free IF you agree to become my human billboard and refer your friends and co-workers about me.

Which one of those would you pick?

** Side Note ** By design the offers are crafted so that the person chooses option two – which is what we want. And when they do, this is what you say…

Okay, thank you so much. You’re like the 10th person to pick that one. Hey, let me ask you, would you be interested in getting 11 months of personal training for free just for referring people to me?

Yes, of course…

Great all I need is your name, phone number and email address and I’ll call you tomorrow and we’ll get you dialed in.

It was great meeting you!”

System two, The 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program. Here’s how it works.

This system works best if you have an email list of prospects, past clients, and business contacts.

See, most people don’t sign up for your training or boot camp program because of two reasons…

1.     They don’t want to commit to an ongoing (month to month) program.

2.     They don’t want to commit what they feel is a large amount of money.

So the solution is the AWESOME 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program!

Here’s why it works so well…

1.     The program is only 21 days – there’s a start and an end date and people who are skeptical of a program like that.

2.     The program only costs $97, which is substantially less than your regular program.

Here’s how this thing works.

On Monday you send out an email that says you’re creating this awesome program called the 21-day rapid fat loss program. That it’s a special thing you’re doing just once to help folks get fast results and drops inches and pounds quickly. And that it starts the following week.

(So you can start this promotion on the same Monday as the one above because the program doesn’t start till the following Monday).

Then on Thursday morning you send out another email that says your 21-day rapid fat loss program is almost full and that you only have room for three more members.

Here are the two emails for you to send out:


** Email One **

Sub: The 21-day fitness solution

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here,

I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking if we have fast solution to help with the shrinking the waist, hips and buns area…

… while there is no quick fix (I don’t care what the infomercials claim) I did go to the drawing board and crafted a new 21 day rapid fat loss program that’s right up your alley – if you want fast results.

You probably know that Chino Hills boot camp is pretty much full, but we do have room for another small group so I thought I’d let you know that my NEW 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program starts Monday, September 8th and the best part is that the 21 day program is discounted to only $157 and INCLUDES a 21 day meal plan program.

The only catch is that the camp is almost full and we can only take on 12 more participates. So if you’re ready to fit into your skinny jeans again and want to firm and tone your body all while dropping inches and pounds then make sure to register for our 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp.

Here’s how to register…

Just call my office at 909.606.XXXX and let Marilyn know that you want in on the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Bootcamp and she’ll get you all dialed and ready for Monday or just go to this special 21 Day registration page: << ENTER URL HERE >>

The class will take place Monday – Friday at 9:00 AM at Butterfield Ranch Park in Chino Hills.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bedros Keuilian


P.S. Like I said we only have room for 12 more participants for the 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program and since this email is going out to 642 local residents I’m sure it will fill out quickly.

**Email Two** (THREE DAYS LATER)

Sub: Bad News…

Hi, Bedros here again,

Three days ago I told you about my new 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program that start Monday the 8th.

Well, the response to my 21-day rapid fat loss bootcamp has been huge.

I have more information for those of you who want to start this fun 21-day life-changing program.

Here’s the deal. We only had room for 12 new participant (as this camp will run concurrent within our existing bootcamp)…now there are only 4 spots remaining.

The 21-day rapid fat loss boot camp is an outdoor fitness bootcamp that will last (three weeks) and starts Monday September 8th. The best results will come if you attend 3-5 days per week.

Call in sick to work for those three weeks if you have to 😉 (just kidding)

Since it’s a group class everyone will participate at their own level so it doesn’t matter what shape you’re in… you’re going to get amazing results during these 21 days.

Here’s what you need to know:

• Bootcamp times will be 9:00 AM Monday – through Friday at Butterfield Ranch park in Chino Hills. (We ask that you commit to at least three days a week for best results)

• We’re cutting the cost from our regular class price of $299 down to only $157 for this special 21-day bootcamp.

• We’re also including a free 21 day personalized, calorie and life style specific meal plan to help you get even faster results.

Since the response to this was bigger than I anticipated and since we only have room for 4 more participants we are doing the registration on a first “call” first serve basis.

We want to get everyone registered for this 21-day funfest as soon as possible. So here is what you need to do to get in on the action.

Pick up the phone and call 909.606.XXXX and Marilyn will get you registered and squared away. Or go to this special webpage << ENTER URL HERE >> I have set up and register there.

Remember, there are only 4 spots available so it’s all about first come first serve.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian



Three things you need to know about this program….

1.     You need to create a simple one page website for this promo. Nothing complicated. Just a headline like: “Who Else Wants to Drop As Much As Four Inches and 12 Pounds In Only 21 Days?”

Then some copy explaining what the program is and how it works. (Similar to the emails above)

Some testimonials on the page with before and after pics (if you have them) and an option for them to buy … either your shopping cart or paypal.

2.     This is a boot camp and not a one-on-one training program. So if you do one-on-one training just make this a group-training program so you can get the most out of your time.

3.     You’re not looking to make a ton of money off this promotion. Though all you need is 20 new sign up and you’ll have an extra $1940 this month. The mission with this program is to get people who are on the fence to test drive your short, low cost program and then at day 18 of the program you’re gonna offer them a special deal to get on your “regular” program.

Here’s the script to use: Hey Mrs. Jones, we’re coming to the end of the 21day program here and your results are really amazing and you are doing awesome in the group! I want you to stay on board and continue to get amazing results so I’d like to offer you a really cool deal. When you join my regular boot camp program before the 21-day program ends I’ll add two extra weeks to the program. So you’ll be getting six weeks of killer fitness and fat loss for the price of four. Here’s the form to get you started on this… lets fill it out.

It’s that simple… about half of your 21 day member will take you up on this offer and join your regular program 🙂

System Three, The body Fat Testing Station

Okay, this one kicks major ass!

Seriously I’ve gotten more quality, high paying clients using this system than probably any other client getting tactic.

Here’s how this works…

Step 1. Get a fake pound of fat and pound of muscle (and an Omron body fat tester).

You can get all three by going to and typing in:

–       Pound of fat

–       Pound of muscle

–       Omron body fat tester

* Note* When you get that pound of muscle in cut it in half so the fat looks bigger. Trust me on this one… it’s a great conversation opener when you tell Mrs. Jones “Look how much more space the pound of fat occupies over the pound of muscle.”
All three will cost you about $100 total.

Step 2. Go to local health food stores like: Whole Foods, Mothers Markets, Trader Joes, Henry’s, the local farmers market, or whatever health, whole, or organic food store you have there.

Take the pound of fat and muscle with you to the stores, ask for the manager, and say:

“Hi, my name is Blah Blah, I’m a local personal trainer and I run my (personal training or boot camps) over at (location) and I often refer my clients to your store.

The reason I came by today is to see if it’s okay with you for me to run a body fat testing station for about an hour sometime this week. (and the whole time you’re holding the pound of fat and muscle – and when they ask what it is… just tell them.)

Then describe what you plan to do and how you do it…

I’d set out small table out there and use a little hand held machine to test body fat percentage and educate folks what their body fat percentage is and what it should be. Of course I’ll have these with me (pointing to the fat and muscle) to help educate them.

In fact, would you and the folks who work here like to get tested too? It only take about a minute per person.”

Most of the time the manger will say that it’s cool for you to do this. That’s when you ask him/her when the busiest days and times are and that’s when you come and set out your table for a couple hours.

Step 3. On the day you set yourself up there you’ll do this…

As Mrs. Jones walk by they’ll turn and look at the fat and muscle if you placed it in the right place. That’s when you say: “Hi, would you like to know what your body fat percentage is in 60 seconds?”

Of course, don’t wait for the prospects to turn your way. You gotta do some interruption marketing and get their attention.

I want you to do this at one place per day for about two hours. If you don’t have time to do it them teach someone else and have him or her do it. You should be able to get 25-40 SOLID leads from each location.

Make sure to get their email address and phone number on a sheet of paper so you can follow up and offer them a week of boot camp or a free training session.

Like I said, these three fast client getting systems can blow it up for you like they have for me in the past and like they do now with many of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.