Tip From My Fitnes Info Mastermind Clients

Here’s a cool post for you.

I got the email below from a mastermind client yesterday. Actually he was writing to me Craig Ballantyne.

Check it out… (and be sure to read through this entire post because it’s got a ton of tips from a few of our mastermind members.)

Bedros, Craig,

Thank for the feedback guys…

To top it off, I had a great day yesterday:
2 sales of a $4.95 ebook
3 sales of $47 webinars
1 sale of $97 manual
1 sale of $275 course
$504.95 Total for the day.

I am starting to see why you want more products all at different price points.

Other cool stuff:
– Blog hit 7000 visits for the first time in a month
– Have cranked up the blog with 21 posts in August
– Did interview with Dustin Maher in OC and posted it on blog with
link to Dustin’s Fitness Media Dominator product.  Good to help him
– Segmenting my list and working on emailing those segments

Things are heading in the right direction.

Off to do a blog post and work on two projects.

– Rick

P.S. here some stuff for your blog…

6 Bonuses I Got Out of My Info Mastermind Meeting with Bedros and Craig

I was at the Fitness Info Summit in Orlando in 2009.

I said, “No” to Bedros and Craig’s Mastermind.

I don’t know if it was the money, the weekends away from the family
or I just wasn’t committed to success.

I headed home and applied everything what I learned at the Fitness Info Summit.

All the stuff Bedros, Craig, Vince, Steve and Chris shared at the
Fitness Info Summit, worked!

My fitness info business grew.

But I could only get it so far on my own, now I needed help to get it
to the next level.

Then in June, I emailed Craig and he asked it I wanted to go to the
July meetings in Orange County.

I couldn’t say, “No.”

I had a lot of reasons why I should have said, “No.”

Here are a few:

– Summer is a slow time for fitness professionals and I don’t have the cash
– My tenant moved out and now I have to pay for his rent
– One of my employers said they didn’t need me any more
– I was going to be having a kid in 2 weeks
– If I went my wife would be home with a new born and a 2 half year old son
– My wife was not working and with our new son
– etc.

My wife, family and I made it happen, and I went.  I didn’t know what
to expect.  I though it would be like any other fitness conference
that I have gone to; few presentation, meet a few people, talk with
the presenters and go home with a bunch of note that I never look at

I was soooooooooo wrong!

And Now: 6 Bonuses I Got Out of My Mastermind Meeting with Bedros and Craig

It Shows You Are Serious
When approaching affiliates to promote your product and you let those
affiliates know you are in a Mastermind Group with Bedros and Craig,
they know you are serious.  People that are very successful info
marketers are in Mastermind Groups and spending money doing personal
coaching.  When they hear you are doing the same, they let their guard
down and are open to hearing what you have to say.

Learn Cutting Edge Stuff
You learn what Bedros and Craig are doing right now in their
businesses.  I have been selling stuff online for about two years.  I
though a knew most of what is out there but during the closed door
meeting I found out I was wrong.  Bedros and Craig let us in on what
is working right now in their business including squeeze pages,
building a team and email marketing.

Lets Talk About Me
When I went to the Mastermind Meeting in July, I though the meetings
started at 8 am.  I was the only one there.  The second person to get
there was Bedros.  He sat down with me and we talked about my info
product and my upcoming launch.  One of the tips he gave me over lunch
saved my info product.  I was making a huge mistake and he fixed it.  Thanks,

They Have Nowhere to Run
Most conference I a go to, the speaker are gone after their
presentation.  The head up into their hotel room and hide.  Not at
Bedros and Craig’s Mastermind.  They don’t run off.  They are their
the whole weekend for you.  For one of the lunches, Craig sat down
beside me and we talked about my product.  Once again, just like
Bedros, he found a mistake I had made when it came to how I wrote my
sales page.  I know this tip lead to a lot of sales.

The Connections
One of the goals for me during the weekend was to meet everyone in the
Mastermind group.  I got about 90% through everyone.  I am so glad I
did.  I met other info marketers that had products that could sell my
product, review my product and give me feedback on my product.  In my
area, I know a lot of fitness professionals but I don’t know many that
have a product on the internet that is selling and have a passive
income stream like a info marketing.

Having Beer with the Boys
It was very cool to hang out at the bar with all the Mastermind
members and have a beer or ice water with Bedros, Craig and all the
new info marketers from around the world.

I can’t wait for the meeting in October in Las Vegas.  It will be
great to see everyone, share what has worked for me over the last few
months and help everyone else out.
Rick Kaselj is a personal trainer in Vancouver, BC, Canada who is off
to Hawaii with his family for a month after the success of his first
info product (Thanks Bedros and Craig!). To check out Rick’s first
info product, visit http://muscleimbalancesrevealed.com

Hey, Bedros here again.
Here are a few more tips that should help you create a fitness info empire…

Hi, this is Dustin Maher of Fit Moms For Life and I would like to share with you two big tips I have received through Bedros’ Mastermind group.

1.  When blogging or email marketing, tell a story that is entertaining and engages the reader.  Also in email marketing, you always need to sell the link, whether that is to a blog post or a sales page.

2.  You need to find a hook that is creative and different.  It needs to compliment what is already out there so that you can approach affiliates and offer your product to fill a gap in their info product line.

It has been a great year in the mastermind and I look forward to another great year to come!


Hi there. We’re Jana and Ron Holland of SWAT Fitness http://www.fatblastmealplans.com
And the top 2 info marketing tips I learned from Bedros are:

  1. Don’t wait for your product to be ‘perfect!’ Getting it done well (and I emphasize getting it DONE) is more important than getting it perfect; cuz perfect just doesn’t exist.
  2. Choose a product you can go narrow and deep with, that you feel passionate about. Be the expert for a targeted niche that needs what you know. Fill their need, solve their problem, and alleviate their frustration. Know your market, and be their best resource.

Having the opportunity to work with Bedros, Craig and the other motivated and action-taking fitness entrepreneurs has transformed our business, opened up new opportunities, and re-energized us! Bedros made us super excited about our business again, and gave us the tools we needed to expand, grow, and learn from the best. Thank you to Bedros and our mastermind friends who remind us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves!


Hi, I’m Shawna Kaminski, author of Female Fat Loss Over Forty (www.femalefatlossoverforty.com). I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of Bedros’s info marketing mastermind group and have found it invaluable in helping me create and market my info product. It’s difficult to narrow it down to a few of the top lessons, but here goes:

1. The List is King – I’ve learned that I need to provide a valuable service to as big a list as I can. The more people I can help, the more I will help myself. This is a simple principal with difficult application, but Bedros has come up with creative and low cost ways to grow my list exponentially. I’m learning how to grow and nurture my list and this is key to my business.

2. Sales Copywriting – Although this is a work in progress, I’m learning how to touch on hot buttons and get into the heads of my avatar (or those in my niche). This is an art form that helps me become more effective at reaching my market.

3. The Value of Networking – Although the Internet may seem like it’s an impersonal arena, this is farthest from the truth. I’m learning the value of networking and developing relationships in the internet world are the only ways to survive. I’m learning strategies to develop mutually beneficial relationships with others in the business.

Thanks for your tireless help!


Hi Jill Bruyere, from Run with Jill

The top two info marketing tips I have for you are:

1)     Take Action!  You will receive the most incredible and beneficial information from your mastermind coaches, but it will mean nothing if you don’t take action with the information.  Bedros and his team will give you the step-by-step recipe for what you need to do in order to get started and succeed online so, really, there is no excuse.  Believe in yourself and believe in your product, then go do it!

2)     Blog more often.  The more information you can put out there the more people will follow you and see you as the expert.  And, don’t be afraid to let your personality show…people love to see the REAL side of you.  Some of my most popular blog posts are when I posted my goals or when I admitted to a mistake.  This shows you are real and you are human.

Bedros and his team have taught me everything in the book to get started with an info product and blog.  There is absolutely no way I would be where I am today without the mastermind group. I’m thankful I decided to invest my time and energy with these guys.  Their knowledge and passion for helping others succeed in the info product world is exactly what I needed to turn my passion for running into an info product.


Rob King here with http://RobKingFitness.com

Here are 3 take-a-ways I got from the last mastermind.

1. The importance of list building. I have had a sports nutrition store 10 years and I never had a list.  Now I do.  This is key in so many ways I can’t start.

2. Delegation.  Being self employed you always feel the need to do everything yourself.  I have learned to delegate and by doing this I have gotten SO much more done, and I only do what i am good at now.

3. Goal setting.  The need for goals, deadlines and “Pressure”.  Get uncomfortable.  It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.



Hi Andrew Araza here from Real Nutrition for Super Kids

Here are the top 2 things I’ve learned up close and personal from Bedros over the past 10 Months:

1.  Get a coach/mentor, to guide you, influence you, keep you accountable and on purpose.  You can try to “reinvent the wheel” while hating your life, losing money, and working way too hard, OR you can buddy up with people who are already doing what you want to do and make more money and friends in the process.

2.  Get out of your comfort zone and become the person you need to become in order to attract what you want to attract.  You can try to DO all the things you need to do to reach your goals, but that’s like chasing butterflies.  If you want to HAVE more you have to BE more.

Bedros here again,

I hope you got some value from this post and have a better understanding of what information marketing is all about and the freedom it can give you.

Want to Know More About The Info Mastermind Group Craig and I are Running?

If you think that the Fitness Info Mastermind might be right for you and want to get me and Craig Ballantyne to help you for a year and guide you all the way to success then I want to talk to you on the phone to see if you’re a good fit for this group.
The first mastermind meeting takes place October 15-16 in Las Vegas and YOU can be there. To set up a 15 minute phone strategy session with me to see if this group is right for you send an email to Bryn at [email protected] and she’ll set you up with a 15 minute call with me for early next week.

I’m only going to schedule ten calls and no more. So if you’re a tire kicker, procrastinator, and non action taker PLEASE do not take one of these call spots. Leave it for someone who is serious about launching an online info business and understands that there is a substantial investment for a mastermind group like this.