How to Create a Fitness Info Product

Last year at the Fitness Info Summit I got up on stage and shared with everyone how I create info products.

Every single info product I’ve created, I’ve used this method. In fact when people hear my very simple method they kinda trip out. I guess you’d think that creating a 7 figure info business should take complicated software, flow charts, and lots of time on a marker board. But actually I have a different system…

… here’s how I create info product on the fly (a real live example).

Goes to show you, there’s no need to over complicate things.

Oh, and the guy that came running up on stage and grabbed those index cards from my hand? That’s Joe Howard, he’s now in my Fitness Info Mastermind group and his fire fighter fitness formula ebook is really taking off.

And that’s how you quickly create a killer info¬†product…

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