Trainers Head Explodes During Intense Booctamp Class

headlines-suckBedros here,

Everyone wants to know my secret for getting a ton of QUALIFIED leads from facebook. I love facebook ads becuase they work. They work for info marketing, personal training, boot camps, brick and mortar businesses, you name it.

So I asked my good pal and coaching client, Josh Cater to share some killer insider stuff for posting facebook ads that suck out tons of leads, and he went all out and made this awesome tutorial video for you…

Guest Post by Body Transformation Expert
Joshua Carter:

Hey, Joshua Carter here, Yeah,  I made that headline above up (but that would be awesome –  I mean tragic) .  But my intention was to illustrate a point so keep reading…

When we place ads – whether it be in print, postcards, flyers on online like on Facebook (hint), the headline is the first thing potential customers (and in our case potential clients) will see.

If your headline sucks, it will also be the last thing they see.

So we need to grab their attention INSTANTLY and keep it.  In many cases we have to do that in just a few words.  And that my friends is the trick. Grabbing their attention in just a few words.

The bad news is some people have to go to school and then work as a slave to top marketing firms for years to learn how to do this effectively.  The good news is in the video below I will show you how to steal learn from them directly in minutes.

binbathroomThe second part of the “attention grabbing” puzzle is what image to use.  One could argue it is just as important as the headline.  They may be right.

I mean would you just use a photo that a guy texted you with his shirt off that he took in a bathroom to advertise your bootcamp?  I think not.  (FYI- that is not me, someone did text me that photo. Can you guess who?)

Using the right photo takes some thought on your part.  I’ll show you where to “borrow” some image inspiration too.

Leave me a comment below, and if you have any questions, post below and I’ll do what I can to answer.


Joshua Carter