The Fitness Training P.I.M.P. Game

Pimp’in ain’t easy but it’s necessary. Remember that jam from Ice Cube?

It’s one of my favorite jams to workout to, still. The song is actually called “down for whatever” and Ice cube still remains one of my top three favorite rap artists.

But, anyway, this post isn’t about Ice Cube or that kind of “pimpin”

It’s about YOU and the process you should be going through if you want a constant and consistent stream of new leads and clients into your fitness business.

Here’s what PIMP means…





It all start with prospecting. Getting people in your community to who want to lose weight, get fit and feel good about their body to raise their hands up and identify themselves.

The name of the game is to separate the prospects (potential clients) from the suspects (everyone else). And the way you do that is to put lead generators out there into the community.

The best lead gens are ebooks and reports that address the NEED and WANT that the community has. And once they “opt in” by giving you their name and email address they’re on your LIST and now you can start the IDOCTRINATION process.

Here’s an example of a lead generator I ran in the local paper back in the day for Chino Hills boot camp. This one lead generator got me 85 opt ins and over a 30 day period I converted 17 of them into my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program.

Here’s a postcard lead generator that Josh Carter ran in his community to add a ton of people to his email list.

And here’s a lead generator that 7 Figure Sam runs on his personal training site that sucks out leads and prospects and adds them to his email list.

Lets talk indoctrination…

You’re in the PERSONAL TRAINING business and it’s personal. People what to know who they’re dealing with. They want to know that you know your shit.

Ultimately, for people to want to give you money they have to know, like, and trust you.

And for people to know, like, and trust you there’s got to be an indoctrination process.

The best indoctrination process happens over a 30 day period where your new prospects who opted into your email list get content rich emails from you that educate, entertain, and position your as the local fitness expert.

You’d use your autoresponders to automatically send your new prospects to some of your best blog posts over the 30 day period. And your e-newsletters would be packed with social proof – testimonials from clients who have gotten amazing results work for you.

Basically, what you’re doing with the indoctrination process is getting people to drink your kool-aid 🙂

Next comes the Monetization process…

By this point you’ve separated prospects from suspects and gotten your prospects to get to know, like and trust you, AND you’ve positioned yourself as the local fitness expert.

Now here’s the deal… when you first get people on your list, there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell them on a low barrier offer that gets them in the door right a way. In fact a small percentage will buy your offer, specially if you use the 14 Fat Flush email sequence I crafted for you.

Most of your sales are gonna come after people have been indoctrinated into your “system”. And even then, you gotta make your offers systematically.

Start off with the lowest handing fruit like my 14 Day Fitness Fat program or my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss program and then move people up the funnel onto your regular programs.

And that’s the whole process…

Get the leads.

Add them to your email list.

Mail often and mail high value high content information to get folks to

know, like a trust.

And then sell then a bunch of your products and services and help them get in the best shape possible.

If you want to automate your email list building and indoctrination process then check out the this really cool opportunity to get on board to FitPro Newsletter.

And now you’re a personal training P.I.M.P. 😉