You Probably Didn’t Know This About Me

I’m kind of a vegan. By that I mean I AM A VEGAN who also eats fish and egg whites and I pretty much only eat whole and organic foods. I even chew chemical free gum…

but I’m not a tree huger… not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂

Not really sure what that technically makes me, so I just say Vegan who eats fish and egg whites.

When most people hear that the first thing they ask is how do I build or maintain muscle. Well, I’m 6 foot, 224 lbs at the moment with visible abs, and pressing 225 for reps on the incline bench and following it up with 100 lbs db presses on the flat for reps. And I squat three plates for reps, typically after a few sets of leg presses.

Oh.. and on a side note I do 200 push ups a day – sometimes in sets of 50 through out the day and other times I pile them all together in around 9 minutes.

I take in less than 200 grams of protein a day, but I time my protein intake and I get most of it from whole foods, limited fish and egg whites.

And what most people don’t know (other than my mastermind clients) is that my wife Di is a master at creating raw, vegan, whole, organic foods that actually taste great and are SUPER high in power nutrients.

In fact she’s got a blog called and she posts all of her killer creations on there. So I thought I’d share my five favorites with you.

Here they are…

1. Green Power Smoothie 2.0. Basically she blends a ton of spinach, kale, and wheat grass with Almond milk, hemp protein and some other cool stuff and that’s the first thing I drink every morning. Tastes REALLY good too.

2. Hash with home made baked beans… another one of my favorites. It’s hearty, taste good, and packed with good nutrients.

3. Whole Wheat Pretzels. Here’s the deal, I love pretzels and these ones are about as healthy as pretzels can get.

4. Favorite Spinach Salad. She named it this because when I ate this salad I said it was my favorite salad ever. Fire a slab of grilled salmon on there and you have serious muscle food (“put the foods in da muscles” just like Ronnie Colman!)

5. Di’s MacNut Cookies. Okay, you gotta live a little. No kidding these are the best white chocolate mac nut cookies ever. And they’re about as healthy as cookies can be. Eating these a couple times a year brings lots of joy to my life 🙂

So those are the top five vegan foods on my list. If you want to see a ton more options then check out Di’s blog at