What It REALLY Takes

Aloha, we’re still in Maui… still having a ton of fun and putting away a lot of sushi and Sake.

I’m not much of a drinker… not much at all actually – unlike some of the peeps in my Fitness Info Mastermind Group 😉 but I gotta say, cold Sake has really grown on me.

The post below is a potion taken from my monthly Fitness Marketing Manifesto. So if you get the Manifest delivered to your door then you’ve probably read this. But read it again, becuase repetition for stuff like this is good for you.


You and every single successful person you know are alike. In fact you have every capability that the most successful entrepreneur has. And you’ve got access to the same (if not better) information then many of the ultra successful people do.

So what does it take to succeed? I’m gonna tell you.

And I’m gonna tell you from first hand experience… and because I hang with some really well off people who have created their own success and freedom like I have I’m 100% sure that what I’m about to tell you Is. The. Formula.

If you know anything about me, you know that I don’t like to publicly flash and talk about how bad ass I am and the money I make. But because this is the final issue of the manifesto and because I know it will help you better understand that ANYONE can become successful I’m gonna let you into my life.

In 1980 my folks brought the family to America from Armenia, then a communist country. I was five years old. We got here with two suitcases and less than $200 cash for a family of five. A month after arriving I turned six.

I didn’t know a lick of English. We were broke to levels you can’t even imagine. Well, just to help you get a better picture of what I’m about to share with you. I want you to imagine me, a chunky six year old kid with a funny hair cut, and found clothes being lifted into dumpsters behind supermarkets so I could pull out fruits, vegetables, breads, and other “expired” shit that hadn’t gone bad yet but couldn’t be sold.

(Let me just say that most food has different levels of “bad” and you’d be surprised how your body can tolerate “bad food”)

I’ve gone to three elementary schools, two junior high schools and two high schools. I’ve dropped out of college and at one point was evicted from my apartment and lived in a Toyota pick up truck because I had to.

But today, I own and live on an acre estate in southern California that cost seven figures. In addition we have multiple rental homes that provide an additional income stream for us. I own or co-own four corporations that collective generate multiple seven figures annually and the work load that it takes to run them is pretty manageable for the most part.

I have a watch collection that would require I have over a dozen arms just to wear them all.

I’ve owned and own practically every dream car I’ve ever wanted. In fact in July of 2010 I’m taking delivery of a Maserati Gran Turismo S and life for us is pretty cool. We take vacations when we want where we want.

Like I said, what I’m telling you about my life here is probably something I wouldn’t normally share, but I’m going to becuase it’s going to help me make a point. It’s not like I have anything to hide, because I don’t, I just don’t like to flash and I think its pretty retarded when people showboat about possessions and status – when most of the time those are the people who are living paycheck to paycheck.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because I’m also the guy who as A.D.D. And I’m pretty sure I have a learning disability or two because what takes most people an hour to do I get done in two hours. Like writing this issue of the Manifesto… it should take me no more than 60 minutes or so but instead it takes me two to three hours to write.

And what would take you maybe a day or two of studying to memorize your talking points for a speaking gig takes me a week and a half at studying and repeating 3-4 times per day…

…But I’m okay with that becuase, 1. I LOVE what I do, and 2. I’m a fuckin workhorse.

So in all reality YOU are better equipped than ME for success.

But the one thing that I and EVERY successful self made person has that the unsuccessful folk don’t have is heart.

Like I said earlier, we’re all the same in every way. We’ve got the same capabilities and the access to the same information, and the same number of hours in a day…

… but the thing that makes all the difference is HEART.

Heart to realize that you deserve more, even if you were brought up on crumbs like I was.

Heart to want to change your circumstances.

Heart to wanna step out of your comfort zone.

Heart to be willing to do whatever it take to get whatever you want.

Heart to realize that you are going to fail, and often and knowing that failure is the price that you gotta pay. But you’ve never really failed if you get back up and try again. It’s the folks who fall down and stay down that end up as failures for life.

And guess what? If you want to be a successful entrepreneur YOU’RE GOING TO FAIL AND PROBABLY MORE THAN ONCE BEFORE YOU MAKE IT.

Heart to make the HARD decisions that others won’t.

Heart take the actions you know you need to take even if it’s gonna hurt.

Heart to be willing to take a risk.

And heart to be willing to deal with fear, doubt, rejection and uncertainty.

Listen, if you’re sitting around waiting for some major secret to success then you’re probably feeling pretty let down by now. And anyone who says they have the ONE thing to make you successful is full of shit.

And if you’re waiting for permission to become successful. I give you permission. Better yet, look yourself in the mirror, man up and give yourself permission because no one is going to give it to you.

You’ve been given access to the tools, tactics, resources, action steps, systems, strategies and ideas to get your personal training or boot camp business to multiple six and even seven figures.

What I can’t give you is heart.

What I can’t do for you is the action taking.

What I can’t instill in you is the work ethic.

I don’t know where you are in your head space right now. But what I do know is that if you’re reading this issue of the Fitness Marketing Manifesto then you probably want more money, more clients, more security, more freedom, and a reliable fitness business, right?

I’ve got really good new for you. The information on this blog alone can easily get your personal training business to six figures.

All you need to bring to the table is a burring desire for more out of your life and heart.

Talk to you later,