It’s Over 9 Inches long

Hey there, Bedros here…

Down below is the email I sent out yesterday – the one with the highest open rate ever thanks to the subject line that Sean Francis, one of my mastermind members came up with.

The email subject line in questions: “Apparently it’s over 9 inches long”.


I just measured it, and I was surprised to find out that it’s just over 9 inches long!

That’s right… the new iPad 2 I bought today is 9.5 inches long – AND I want you to have it.

I’m having a little contest between now and October 31st where you can end up winning an iPad2, you’ll sell more personal training and boot camp programs, and you’ll get way more clients.

Here’s how the contest works…

– The contest runs between now and October 31st.

– The iPad2 winner will be announced November 1st.

– When you get Close Clients between now and Saturday, October 8th you qualify to win the iPad2.

– Once you get Close Clients, I want you to watch and learn the fitness sales system and script that I teach and then use it in your business to get more clients and make more sales.
On October 31st I will have a section on my blog where you can tell me how many sales you’ve made, how your business has changed and a bunch of other cool things that are happening in your business as a result of getting Close Clients.

And on November 1st I will go through all the comments on the blog post and pick the winner, and send the winner (hopefully you) the new iPad2.

Bedros Keuilian

>> Get it here: <<

Fair enough?

Now here’s the deal… I’m not going to choose the winner based on who made the most sales.

I’m going to decide who the winner is based on number of new clients you’ve gotten in that time, how big of a transformation your business has made, and the percentage of increase in income from this month, compared to last month.

So here’s all you gotta do to win the iPad2

1. Get Close Clients before Saturday, October 8th (so you qualify for the contest).

2. Use the Close Clients fitness sales system to make more sales, get more clients, and grow your fitness business between now and Oct. 31st.
(And be sure to track your new sales, how many new clients, and the amount of change your business experiences in that time).

3. And then be sure to post your results on the blog post that I put up on October 31st to be in the running to win the new iPad2 🙂

But for now, go get close clients and take your fitness business to the next level this month!