How to Be Cool

Today’s my birthday. I turn 36. And as you read this I’m on a plane to Maui with the family (or maybe I’m already there).

Gonna spend a lot of time on the beach and just chill with the family. And maybe buy a vacation home here since we come to Maui often.

But first…

I just came across this list that Chris McCombs wrote up during a recent visit to the HQ. I’m pretty sure he’s okay with me sharing his “How to be cool” list with you.

Seriously though.

Being cool to people is one of the best ways to get more personal training clients, to retain more clients, to get a ton of referrals, and to just have more fun in life.

Plus it just plain feels good to be cool to peeps. Know what I’m saying?

Think about it. Don’t you like it when people are cool to you? When folks do unexpected things for you, just because?

Feels good right?

So do it back. Make it a habit. And be good at it.

…and it’s not only gonna be good for your business, but you’re also gonna feel like a decent human being. And that’s always a good thing.

Here’s why being cool is SO important and some things you can do to be cool -because EVERYONE is attracted to coolness.

1. Like I said, it just feels good to be cool to people.

2. Most people hate life and get no love from their work, their spouse, their kids, or even from their “friends”. So when you simply show appreciation for them they’ll remember and love you forever.

3. Send a random “puff up” text message to peeps.

4. Pick up the tab the next time you take a client out to lunch.

5. You do take clients out to lunch, right? (it’s a cool thing to do)

6. Don’t be cheap.

7. Don’t sweat the little things.

8. For that matter don’t sweat the big things.

9. Send stuff to your clients in the mail. Unexpected act of coolness.

10. Compliment people often.


12. Everyone is attracted to coolness.

13. Keep your ego in check.

14. Be genuine.

15. Be generous.

16. Give a shit about people.

17. Ask questions and stop talking about yourself so much.

18. Manage your emotions.

19. Don’t be financially constipated.

20. Be confident.

21. Don’t be a downer.

22. Be optimistic. The glass is ALWAYS half full.

23. Have a deeper purpose in life.

24. Be funny… make people laugh.

25. If you say you’re gonna do something, do it. Keep your word.

26. Lead by example.

27. Talk less do more.

28. Be a connector. Do you know two people who you know would hit it off as friends or in business? Introduce them.

29. Be the person that everyone wants to be like and hang out with.

30. Be cool.

Okay, I’m out! I’ll talk to you when I get back from Maui.

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