How You Can Be Lucky Too

Bedros here,

I hope all’s good with you and your fitness business. I have a really awesome guest blog post for you down below… it’s from Andy Pratt, one of my 100K Info mastermind members and a total action taker.

He’s gonna give you eight of his best tips for achieving major success in a relatively short time.

But before we jump into Andy’s guest post I have some stuff to share with you.

1. Fit Body Boot Camp is selling out new territories quickly. In fact we’re shutting down the application process this coming Tuesday night so we can begin working with the new group of Fit Body Boot Camp owners.

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2. I’m leaving for Calgary, Canada this Saturday and holding the Fitness Business Ignition workshop on Sunday where we’re gonna teach you how to get on pace for six figures with your fitness business in 60 – 90 days.

There are still a couple more seats open and if you’re in the Calgary area or anywhere within a 1,000 miles then you aught to be at the workshop with me this Sunday.

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3. And finally, after Calgary, I’m taking the family to Maui for a week or so of relaxing and island fun. So I many be off the radar for a bit, but I’ll be back at it the first week of August.

Enough of that stuff… here’s Andy with a killer guest blog post!

Hi I’m Andy, and I’m a lucky guy, I love my life. I feel very fortunate. I have the best family and friends, I love my girl and my work (if you can call it that, basically I love doing what I get paid to do!)

I’m writing this the day before I turn 35 years old. Tomorrow on my birthday I will be on a plane to Newport Beach, California for two days of awesome Mastermind sessions with THE best fitness coaches in the business.  (I’m part of Bedros’s 100K Mastermind group). After that me and a friend of mine are going to check out Santa Monica and Venice Beach. You see, I believe in working hard and having balance in life too. Hey!… I’m not traveling 20 hours all the way from Newfoundland, Canada without taking an extra day to enjoy the beautiful California weather!

Rewind to year ago… I didn’t even know who Bedros Keuilian was! I was doing ok as a trainer but I owned a job not a business.

What a difference a year can make! Since then…

I bought my own building for my fitness studio;

I have three fantastic trainers working for me; and

I have multiple sources of income from bootcamps, online fitness products, and I also lease space in my studio to a Massage Therapist.

So I want to pass along some tidbits of wisdom (My Top 8 list so to speak) that I’ve learned this past year of my life…here is the stuff Bedros has taught me that has helped me grow my Fitness Business.

1. Always over deliver to your clients. This is the most important before all else. Give your clients your best. You owe them your best. You’ve heard Bedros say toss away the clipboard right? I agree, clipboards suck. You also don’t want to be the trainer who is too busy checking his triceps in the mirror or looking at his watch when you should be paying attention to the client! You know what I’m talking about!

Well I’m sure this isn’t you…at least I hope this isn’t you, but if it is, get your shit together ASAP! You have to bring it! Give your client your best energy. Want it for them, and they will want it for you. Bring it with results and appreciation. I do gift baskets for my clients at Christmas. Also I’ve given my clients unexpected gifts such as homemade protein bars, foam rollers, stretch bands, even Bosu balls. Sure this might cost a few bucks, but it’s small in comparison to the $10G a year that some of my clients pay me.

I call this the obvious stuff. You’re probably already an awesome trainer and doing quite well making a nice income. If you take care of the basics, this alone can take you from the Personal Trainer national average annual income of twenty-six thousand dollars to close on 6 figures.

Ok so onward to some “next level stuff”

2.  Increase Your Prices. Do this only after point number one is in check! Then it is important to know your value. I was hesitant to increase my prices for a long time. Bedros will tell you to do this yesterday! Let’s look at some simple numbers…

Put your prices up $10 per session.

30 sessions per week = $300 a week extra.

$300 x 52 weeks a year = $15,600.

You just increased your annual salary by over $15G! Ok lets say worst case scenario one or two of your clients drop off because of the increase (Not going to happen, but lets say they do) If this happens you only increase your salary by $10G and you free up more time to work on your business. Don’t wait to do this, waiting a year will cost you $15G! Do it right now! Boom! Done!

3.  Surround yourself with like-minded successful people. They say your income is the average of the five people closest to you. And the best way to do this is to…

The 100K Info Mastermind Group In Full Effect!

4Join a Mastermind. I can’t stress the benefits of this enough! Being part of a Mastermind with the best coaches allows you to save valuable time, avoid costly mistakes and leapfrog up the ladder of success. Joining Bedros’ Mastermind has by far made the single most impact on improving my business. The meetings are incredibly inspiring and you learn so much it’s insane, not to mention the JV possibilities and networking that a Mastermind provides.

Of literally hundreds of things that I have learned, my numbers 5 and 6 are two of the big ones…

5. Accountability. As a team member of a Mastermind, I’m required to set goals and have deadlines. Why? Because it works! It works for your client’s right? Side note; if you’re not keeping your clients accountable you should be. That’s what they pay you for. In one of my bootcamps we weigh everyone right out in the open in the same room as everyone else each Saturday morning. It keeps them on track and stops them from having that bowl of ice cream on a Wednesday night. Now if a bootcamper isn’t down on the scale we don’t break out the whip, but if they are down 5lb’s then they get a pat on the back and the group knows it! How do you think that makes the person feel! What about the other bootcampers?…They want to be that person next week that’s what! Bottom line is the end result, and your clients want results!

True story…in the first week of bootcamp one member while feeling the burn and struggling through some squats and push-ups yelled at me in front of the group “I pay for this??!” Quickly I said “No you pay for the “After” picture!” That lit the fire inside him and the rest of the bootcampers. You should have seen how focused he was after that!

6. Think outside the “box”. This is one of the great things about a Mastermind, there are so many ideas being tossed around, your brain works in overdrive! It really does get you thinking creatively about new possibilities. I’ll give you an example: at the last Mastermind meeting a business partner and I came up with the idea to run a high end bootcamp. We run two groups of 16 people in back to back 45 minute classes, just once per week on Saturday mornings. We charge $249 for a six week camp.  That’s $8000 between the two of us for just one morning a week. That works out to about $600 each week, for teaching a couple back to back classes! I think Bedros, Steve and Chris were on to something with the group training idea. We sold this program out in less then one day! And it was the at the Mastermind where the outside the  “box” ideas of how to package and market this program came from.

7. Invest in your business and learn from the best. The Mastermind and coaching is a full business write-off for me, and I must say as a person who loves to travel the locations that Bedros chooses for the meetings are a nice perk! Trip to Vegas on business?… oh yeah!

I said the word invest, because to me that’s what it is. Since joining a mastermind my business has grown over 50%, and that’s just scratching the surface. My business partner who’s also part of Bedros’ Mastermind has exploded his business from approximately $600G gross annual sales, to now being on pace to do $1.5 million. Pretty frigging sweet hey!

That said, the return on your investment depends on YOU! Shut up with the bullshit excuses and take action! You get out of it what you put into it, same with everything in life.

Knowledge is not power…Applied Knowledge is Power! I think that’s Tony Robbins.

8. Give More Back. Good Karma aside, I like giving because it makes me feel good to help other people. Bedros I know you have always been very generous with the support you give to Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Hey, Bedros here again,

Here’s what we’re gonna do for everyone reading this who wants to get Warrior Built and use it with your clients AND to help me donate more money to Shriners Hospital for Children.

Just check out the results that Eddie got with the program!

I know that every Personal Trainer could benefit from having the Warrior Built system in their program arsenal to use with their clients and bootcampers. There are 6 different workout videos so you would get plenty of new exercise ideas and “done-for you-workouts”

So I asked Andy to create a download version of his program and to cut the price in half for you. AND when you purchase Warrior Built for half price, 100% of the money that Andy gets from this is going to go to Shriners Hospital for sick Children…

The downloadable version of Warrior Built is normally $37. But PT Power subscribers are gonna get hooked up for half price – that’s only  $18.50

And 100% of every sale is going to the Shriners Hospital for Children, because Andy is cool like that J

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And don’t for get to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of this blog post…