Operation Appreciation

Each week I put up tons of articles and videos on this blog to help
you get more clients, more money and  more freedom from your
personal training or boot camp business.

But today I’m doing something totally different…

Today I want to give credit and show appreciation to some people who
really make me and our entire organization look so bad ass keep us running like
a well oiled machine.

See running a multi million dollar generating business with over a dozen unique
products, services, software, coaching programs, masterminds, and live events,
and still having time to goof off isn’t easy.

I know I make it look easy, but you’re about to discover the REAL movers
behind the operations here at Keuilian headquarters.

Lucky for me I have a really awesome group of people around me who are
amazingly good at what they do – and it’s only becuase of them that the
“machine” (as we so affectionately refer to it) runs so smoothly.

In fact I truly believe that without good partners and employees you can’t
operate and grow a great business.

So without further ado, here are the folks behind the scenes that make me
and the Keuilian organization looks so smooth 🙂

I really appreciate you guys…

My beautiful wife Diana:

Di’s so critical to the day to day operations of our organization. Without
her it’s like I’m operating blind. Not only does she run all the numbers and
in house accounting of the businesses, she also writes the articles for FitPro
Newsletter and oversees all the content for FitPro Magazine.

In fact for those of you who use Hitech Trainer or FitPro Magazine, you’ll probably
recognize her as the model demonstrating the exercise movements in the videos.

And in addition to all that, she also organizes all of our live events and mastermind
meeting venues.

Plus she’s the best mother in the world to our beautiful babies Andrew and Chloe.

My business partner, bro-in-law, and all around awesome dude Pete:

If you’ve ever watched a DVD or streaming video from us. Or if you’ve ever listened
to an audio program or CD of me. Or if you’ve easily found what you’re looking for on
any of our content membership sites, or have navigated our FitPro Newsletter or FitPro
Magazine with ease. Or are reading this blog post now then you’ve see Pete’s works.

But in addition to all that Pete’s got this incredible talent where he can figure out
practically anything and then make it better.

In fact marketing pages and technology that he’s thought up are routinely used
(swiped) by some of the big name internet marketers in the industry.

Cutting edge don’t even begin to describe Pete. AND he’s one of the coolest
guys I know – which is why I keep trying to get him to move to So Cal from Seattle 🙂

My assistant Marilyn (AKA Crusty):

Actually Marilyn is way more than just an assistant. She’s the filter between me and
the outside world. She manages my schedule and she keeps my coaching and
mastermind clients in line lol.

She’s also one of the girls you’ll talk to when you call or email the office. And very much
like the next person (Allison) on this appreciation post she makes the office a really cool,
fun and unpredictable place to come to.. well, whenever I decide to come in that is.

My (other) assistant Allison:

Very much like Marilyn, Allison is way more than just an assistant. She pretty much runs
the day to day operations stuff for Fit Body Boot Camp, delivers awesome client support
to anyone who calls and emails the office and along with Marilyn, she somehow manages
to deals with my weird OCD and ADD loops.

Our programmers Adam and Dave:

Actually these dudes are more like hackers then programmers. If you use FitPro Newsletter
and FitPro Magazine then you know how talented these guys are.

And over the next year or so you’re gonna see a lot more cool technology that we’re going
to introduce to the industry thanks to these talented hackers (I mean programmers).

YOU, my clients, customers, and subscribers:

Here's my POV from stage at Fitness Business Summit 10

Finally, I want to thank YOU for reading this blog, and I want to let you know that I
really appreciate you for trusting me with your business and investing in my products
and services designed to help you take your fitness business to massive success.