How to Sell ANYTHING With Social Proof

You can sell anything you want to anyone you want… if you can back it up with enough compelling social proof.

See it really doesnt matter what you say about yourself.

And it really doesn’t matter how nifty your ads are, or how crafty your postcards look or how killer your offer is.

And it really doesn’t matter what certification you have, degree you hold, or the years of experiance you have.

All that matters to the potential buyer is that other BUYERS got the results, didn’t regret buying from you, and in fact, recommend you to others.

Social proof, testimonails, success stories… whatever you want to call them, they sell. And they’ll sell in ways that no amount of advertising can sell for you.

See, social proof kills potential objections and overcomes buyers remorse.

Social proof quiets the secondary conversation your prospect is having in her mind about you personal training offer.

And social proof increases perceived value and allows YOU to charge more than your competitors for basically the same service.

There’s a ton of ways to use social proof in your personal trainer marketing.

Here’s just a few things you can use and re-purpose as social proof….

– video testimonails

– written testimonials

– voice recording and 800 # call in lines

– emails that were sent to you

– facebook wall posts that others left for you

– twitter tweets about you, your service, or  their results

– comments left on your blog about you, your service, and their results

Here’s an example for you…

I just launched our most kick butt client getting, list building, viral marketing platform ever – FitPro Magazine.

It’s a high quality online magazine that you  can private label with your look and feel, and it comes with 16 freash new articles each month, months of back issues, over 100 professionally done exercise demonstration videos, and over a 1,000 healthy recipes and on top of all that  it’s designed to do six main things for your personal training or boot camp business.

1. To use the viral marketing components of the internet to get you more leads and clients.

2. To position your as the top fitness and fat loss expert in your community and keep you “front of mind”.

3. To deliver tones of high quality value and content to your clients.

4.  To dramaticly increase clients retnation.

5. And to encourage and stimulate clients referrals.

6. Sell more of your other products (supplements, complimenting services, and info products, or affiliate products.)

And since I got a bunch of unsolicited social proof from hundreds of fitness trainers who bought FitPro Magazine on my Facebook page and blog I could use those proof elements to prove to you that IF you don’t get FitPro Magazine by midnight this Monday than you’re going to be left behind BIG TIME when we close the doors for at least a month and when we reopen the price for FitPro Magazine will be doubled (which by the way will still be a killer deal since the product more than delivers on its promise to take your business to the next level.

Here’s one string of comments we got on the day we launched FitPro Magazine.

And here’s what some trainers posted on my facebook profile page…

And here’s yet another string of comments from my Facebook profile about how awesome FitPro Magazine is…

And here’s yet more unsolicited proof elements that FitPro Magazine is a bad ass automatic client getting platform…

So here’s what you should have taken away from this blog post.

1. If you’re not using social proof then I’d bet the farm that you’re leaving a ton of money (and clients) on the table and that you’re wasting a bunch of money with dead-end advertisting that simply not getting you the resutls you want.

2. There are many differant ways of getting social proof. It’s not just about getting before and after pictures. Think outside the box and use all the methods I listed above to build your arsanal of social proof elements.

3. Get FitPro Magazine and start getting a boatload of leads from social media sites, client and subscriber referrals and the power of viral marketing. Becuase on Monday May 31 at midnight PST, we’re shutting the doors the FitPro Magazine, and giving all the new members the first oppertunty to use FitPro Magazine to dominate their market place and get the advantage before we re-open it at a higher price.

Here’s where you can learn more about FitPro Magazine and see if it’s right for you >>