7 Figure Sam Beta Tests FitPro Magazine

How does 7 Figure Sam get clients for his training business? That’s a questions I get asked often. I guess since I coach and consult 7 Figure Sam on his business and have helped him create a successful 7 figure generating business some trainers think that there’s something special that I have Sam do that I’m not sharing with anyone else.

The fact is 7 Figure Sam is where he’s at becuase he takes action on the marketing, sales, and systems that I’ve coached him on.

More footage of FitPro Magazine and seven figure Sam.

A couple days ago I let the cat out of the bag that we’ve been working on a secret project that’s gonna totally change the online fitness marketing, list building, referral generating, and client retention landscape forever.

If you missed that video and the first look at FitPro Magazine then go here to watch that video.

In the video below you’re gonna see 7 Figure Sam (another one of our beta testers) and he’s gonna show you how he uses FitPro Magazine to drive traffic for his 7figure generating personal training studio.

And if you’re like me, and you like cars. Check out one of 7 Figure Sam’s cars that I show you in his garage… a six figure car that hauls ass.

Enjoy the video 🙂

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