Something You Should Know About Me

You’re about to learn something about me that a lot of people don’t know…

…and you’re gonna see a video down below. BUT please DO NOT watch  the video below until you read this entire post otherwise things won’t make any sense.

I’m somewhat of a germ-a-phobe. I’ll take a “dap” over a hand shake any day.

And I hate when people cough and sneeze around me. And I prefer not to drink out of other people’s cups.

Other than that, I’m pretty “normal” even though my assistants Marilyn and Allison wouldn’t agree since I make them keep a bottle of GermX on their desk at all times.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because two funny things happened to me over the last three days. (Well, it’s probably funny to you, but it really messed with my OCD big time!)

See, I spent a couple days last week teaching online client getting strategies at Joe Polish’s Platnium Plus seminar in Phoenix, AZ. It was a killer event and the people there were awesome.

I also shared the stage with Paula Abdul. She’s a totally awesome and sweet person and has amazing energy. All of Joe’s attendees loved her.

What I’m about to tell you is NO reflection on Paula. I totally realize that the problem is all me.

Funny story 1:

So at the end of Paula’s presentation people lined up to take a picture with her. I got in line too (didn’t want to pull the “presenter card” and cut in line) since I figured it would be a cool picture to put on my blog. While in line with 30 others I realized that Paula was kissing everyone on the cheek before snapping a picture.

Another Disclaimer:
Like I said, Paula is a REALLY awesome person and I realize that the problem here is ALL me and not her.

Once I saw her kissing everyone on the cheek my OCD/Germ-a-phobe switch flipped and I realized that there was NO WAY I was gonna take a picture with her and risk getting a kiss on the cheek after she kissed all those people (again, the problem here is all me for the record).

So I bailed out of line like a bat out of hell, made random small talk with Joe Polish for about two minutes and I was outta there!

And that’s why I have no picture of me and Paula Abdul to show you.

Funny story 2: This past weekend there were a lot of Birthday’s in my family. Brother, dad, nephew, and a few others that I probably forgot about. And to top it all of there was a party happening that I couldn’t get out of.

I promised my mom and dad that I’d stop by with Di and the kids and so we did.

Now, again. Let me just say that I realize the problem is once again ALL ME.
I also realize that the universe has a very funny sense of humor and that often times I’m the butt of the joke – totally fine with me.

For funny story # 2 to make sense to you I have to kinda set the scene…

I’m Armenian. And If you know anything about Armenians it’s that they love to put on big parties, weddings, and anniversaries and rent halls where they bring in a TON of food, music, and booze and the good times roll.

If you’ve seen the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” then you’ve seen a toned down version of an Armenian party.

So we got the kids together and headed to the party to hang with the Armenian side of the family who I had not seen for over five years.

We had a blast… until the end of the night when one of my dad’s old timer friends decided that he was gonna give me ten minutes of drunken advice all while spitting while he talked. (By the way the advice was about how the internet is going to be the next be thing… ironic, right?)

Oddly enough Di happened to have her flip cam with her and she caught the very part of the conversation that I hated the most on video.

Since I consider you a friend and since I know for everyone else but me this is considered funny I thought I’d share this video from last night with you.

I’ll spare you the long speech and just show you the “money shot”.

Enjoy the video…

Those two cute kids at the end of the video happily eating cake are Andrew and Chloe. They had no clue daddy was being assaulted as they were chowing down… haha!

I’m curious. Do you have any weird quirks,  phobias, or hang ups? Let me know if the comment box below 🙂