How To Get Recharged, Come Up With Great Ideas, And Overcome Burnout

Last weekend was spent in Las Vegas with Craig Ballantyne, Vince DelMonte, Steve Hochman, and 25 highly motivated fitness professionals who are on their way to becoming kick ass fitness info marketers.

We spent all of Friday and Saturday working with this elite mastermind group and helping them develop headlines, list building strategies, affiliate getting tactics, squeeze pages, product up sells, continuity funnels, and tactics to dominate their niche.

To say this group works hard is an understatement…

So I thought it would be a good idea to take them all out on Saturday night to one of the hottest night spots in Las Vegas, where snoop dogg just happened to be performing and just chill, let loose, and not think about business.

I also invited some friends who happen to be in LV for that weekend like 7 figure Sam and Nitin Chhoda who are both in my seven figure formula mastermind group, Justin Blum, from Las Vegas Fit Body Boot Camp and a few other high level info marketers.

Anyway, since what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas I’m not going to go into the details of the night… but I can tell you that there’s nothing more refreshing than working REALLY hard all weekend and then rewarding yourself with some good times.

In fact I got the email below from 7 Figure Sam just yesterday and I think it really sums up what I’m trying to say in this blog post.
Hey B,

I want to thank you once again for being so generous and taking us out in Las Vegas.
To be honest with you I was a little worried since I’ve been known
to hit a club or two in my hay days and didn’t want to do
anything crazy around you and other successful fitness entrepreneurs.

But the night was just awesome!

It was the funniest thing seeing a VIP hostess sales tactics with you.

You didn’t care about any sales tactic, all you did was laugh it off
and made sure all 30+ of us got into club haze red carpet style with Snoop performing.

But I was sooo surprised to see how everyone just let their
hair down, loosened up and just had a great time.

OK, I do have a confession. I still hit the clubs in Vegas
here and there (I think everyone there figured that out) it’s my
way of just letting loose and “refreshing” my mind
so that I can keep working hard.

Then it dawned on me. Every successful hard working
entrepreneur knows when you work hard you must play hard otherwise burnout is inevitable.

It’s no different than working out. If you want to build your body
you don’t work out 7 days a week.  For maximum results you
workout hard while you are at the gym but the results will only
come from proper recovery and time away from the gym.

No wonder some of my best ideas usually come to me when
I am not working or at my desk.

I gotta say it was really cool to see that everyone in your mastermind group understands when to work hard and when to just let loose and party.

By the way I got a glimpse at the bill and let’s just say
that bill was more than most personal trainers yearly
salary including mine not too distant years ago.

So thanks again!


Bedros here again,

I’m not saying you should go out and spend five figures on a night out. But what you should take away from this post and Sam’s email is that every highly successful person out there knows that the secret is to work really hard and focused and then take time off to just chill, get out of your routine, and hit the “reset” button.

It’s the only way I know to avoid burnout and set your business up for super success.

Some other ways you can do that are:

  • Just going out to the book store and spending a couple hours roaming the isles.
  • Take a three day weekend from time to time and go on a long drive with a friends or family.
  • Do something outside of your daily routine like skydive, paint ball, rent a sports car for a day, go to a comedy club.
  • Take a random “unscheduled” day off and head to the beach, lake, desert, mountains, or where ever and just chill and disconnect from the matrix.
  • Or if you find yourself in Las Vegas… Call up “7 Figure Sam” and hit the most happening clubs with him for a weekend… if you dare.

The bottom line is that you gotta let loose from time to time. It’s good for you. Life is short. Work hard, play hard.

And Speaking of “7 Figure Sam”…

Sam and I have been getting a bunch of calls and emails from trainers who want to know how he took his modest sized personal training studio to seven figures. Sure, while Sam’s been a coaching client of mine for years, he’s also an amazing inovator and action taker.

And since a bunch of you want to know how Sam runs his studio, gets his clients, pays his trainers, sell HUGE packages, retains clients for years, and dominates all of Chino and Chino Hills I thought I’d see if anyone would be interested **IF** I could hook up a weekend for 12-15 trainers to come out to Sam’s Studio out here and spend the weekend with me and Sam and get his entire personal training studio secrets and how he took it to seven figures within just a couple of short years.

If you’d be interested in coming out to meet with me and Sam for a weekend and get the “behind the scenes” tour, systems, and tactics he’s used to blow it up then let me know in the comment box below and I’ll see if I could hook up a weekend with him.

Or just click here and check to see when the next weekend with me and Sam is taking place and register for it (if there are spots available)