Help Me Name My Goat

I made an impulse purchase yesterday.

Within an hours I heard about, researched (on youtube) and bought a

But it’s not just any goat, it’s a pygmy goat which pretty much means they figured out how to make a former farm animal small and cute and get suckers like me to buy them.

But I need YOUR help.

We can’t decide what to name the little fella. So my wife jokingly said to make blog post out of it… and so here it is.

Help me name my goat. Just give me your best pet goat names below. I’ll reduce it down to the top three I like and let Andrew and Chloe pick the best name.

Oh, and check out this video where Steve Hochman, Michael Duivis, and I attempt to bring the goat to my house to surprise everyone on the day my wife’s entire family flew in to visit 🙂