How to be a Craigslist Dominator

Hey there, Bedros here,

I hope you’re doing great and that your personal training business is doing awesome!

Here’s a killer craigs lists fitness marketing post from Dave Tendrich – the guy I refer to all of my coaching clients who want to know how to get boatloads of new clients from Craigs List.

Hi, I’m David Tendrich – and I’ve picked up a reputation for being kind of the “Craiglist guy”.


Because after getting 20+ guitar lessons clients in just 2 months with Craigslist – my bro, Steve Hochman, asked me to write some guest posts for his blog and spill the beans on my success…

…And before I knew it my partner Louisa and I had a full time business helping fitness professionals worldwide dominate Craigslist and the internet in general.

Now, I’m not telling you any of this to brag or anything

I just want you to know that you’re about to get the same tips that I usually just share with my personal clients, and the high-end coaching clients of Steve and Bedros.

See, Bedros is an awesome friend of mine, so when he asked me to come write him a post – there was no way I could look him in those beautiful brown eyes and say no (LOL)…

So I thought to myself…

“What are the 5 most powerful tips I would use if I was still using Craigslist to this day?”

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Separate yourself

Take a look on Craigslist and see who your biggest competition is – and do things differently than they do.

For example – if their posting titles say: “Lose 3 pounds this week!” then you can focus on a different aspect other than how many

pounds someone will lose…

You can hit your audience on an even deeper level…

For example, you could say: “Get so slim that you see your reflection and just smile”

See the difference? It’s a bit more personal – and it’s unique.

2. Use awesome graphics that appeal to your target market

There’s a really, really simple 2 step process to this:

1. Ask your clients who best represent your target market   what colors and shapes they like

2. Put those colors and shapes on your ads!!!

It’s really that simple. Remember – just like your training is focused on your clients – your ads should be too.

3. Write a killer headline that stops people in their tracks

Remember what you did back in step 2 to figure out what colors and stuff to use?

Do the SAME THING for this. Only this time ask your clients:

“What was your most burning frustration about your body before joining? How did that frustration effect your daily life?”


Really look them in the eyes and get personal answers. If you assure them that they’ll remain completely anonymous, they’ll be more comfortable opening up.


Ask them about the biggest benefits they’ve gotten from working with you – and how those benefits have effected their daily life.

Dig deep on this one too.

AND THEN… (last thing…)

Work either the biggest frustration, or biggest benefit, into a headline. Like this…

“How this Chino Hills boot camp gets you in such awesome shape that every day you’ll have even more energy than your kids! …Even after a hard day at work”

That’ll work great for moms and dads who just want to plop down on the couch after working. They feel bad because they don’t have the energy to keep up with their little kids.

Guess where I learned that from? By interviewing the clients of people I’ve written copy for! Just ask, and write down what they say 🙂

4. Before and Afters

Load up your ad with before and afters. Try to switch them up too, so each ad has different ones. That way, if someone clicks on 3 or 4 of your ads, and every time there’s different pics, it makes it seem like you have so many testimonials.

You’ll be the obvious choice 🙂

5. A killer offer

A lot of people are on Craigslist because they’re looking for a  “good deal”. So give it to them! Come up with some offer that someone would be crazy to turn down.

I’m sure you’ve seen the one my bro came up with – the $97 21 Rapid Fat Loss Program that gets people in the door. Then he converts them into monthly-paying clients.

Come up with your own promotion. Get creative – there’s no such thing as a bad promotion. A deal is a deal, right?

You could even do monthly promotions, like “Totally Free March” where your services are completely free for the month of March.


If you do a crazy offer like this – make sure you give a “reason why” in your ad otherwise people will think your services aren’t valuable.

Here are some good “reasons why”:

  • I know if you try my personal training program, you’ll be HOOKED from day 1. So if I have to bribe you to get you in the door – that’s what I’ll do!
  • I’m trying out a new program and am looking for beta testers. If you’re one of the first 15 people who call, you can beta test my new program for FREE for the entire month of March.
  • I just launched my business, and want to come to the area with a giving hand because I believe that’s the right thing to do. So for my first 2 months in business – I want to offer you this incredible deal.

Here’s the deal…

Practically NO ONE on Craigslist puts this much thought into their ads. So if you do these 5 things – you’re light years ahead of your competition.

Now go put this stuff to action! I’m excited to hear how well it works for you 🙂

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