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Here’s a killer post from Body Transformation Expert, West Hills Personal Trainer Josh Carter. I’ve known Josh for a long time. In fact he first hired me for coaching four years ago – just before opening up his now famous “Carter Fitness Personal Training Studio.”

He’s also in my Seven Figure Formula mastermind group along side some other big names in the industry. Josh is a goal setter… and a goal achiever. And in this post he’s gonna share with you how he sets and achieves goals.

**SIDE NOTE** Speaking of coaching, I’m officially shutting down my 12 month mentorship program for good. I’ve been blessed with more coaching clients than I ever anticipated (which is a good problem to have), however since I’m dedicating 2010 to the growth of Fit Body Boot Camp and my mastermind groups I don’t want to take on new coaching clients several times each month because the learning curve is always the steepest in the beginning and requires a lot of my time.

So, I’ve decided to indefinitely close my 12 month mentorship program. HOWEVER, since I know there’s probably a bunch of people sitting on the fence and were waiting to get on the program at some point, I want to give you the opportunity to get on board now.

I’m going to start one last group of mentorship clients this month and that’s it… after that no one else can get on the program – ever.

So here’s the deal…

On Friday, January 29th I’m closing the 12 month mentorship program and we’re pulling down the site. But you can still get on board right now and be in the last group of coaching clients I take on (this is email and phone coaching where I help you take you’re business and profits to the top in 12 months).

If you think you’re interested, just go to 12 Month Mentorship, read all about the program and get on board.

That’s all I gotta say about that 🙂

Josh Carter, take it away…

cartersOk, the title is a stretch.

I intended to imply that you should strive to reach your goal, and have the fortitude to persevere (the definition of “mettle”.)

You may have inferred, however, that Josh has lost it and can’t come up with a decent pun for a title.

So let’s just agree that implications and inferences aside you should get from that title what I meant to say and not necessarily what I said.


Moving on…

I have talked on my own blog about the importance of goals before, but given the time of year I thought I would revisit the topic and illustrate how you can use it for your personal and professional lives – plus your can share it with your clients.

Be a jerk, Josh says it’s cool

Goals are exceptionally important – and an effective tool for improvement in all areas when used properly.  But conversely, goals can be as useless as a pile of turds.

For instance, “Maintenance” is a crappy goal.   I really hate that one.  High turd factor.

“Lose weight”, slightly better, but still not good enough to be called a goal in my book. Less turdish though.

For a goal to be truly effective and worth the paper you write it on (and you will) it needs to be a SMART goal.

Achievable or Action-Oriented,
Time Bound

Clever right?  (FYI – I did not come up with this, but it is very cool.)

It’s time to re-set your thinking.

So let’s break this down..

Saying you want to “lose weight” or “make more money” is too general.  How much weight?  How much money?  It should be like this:  “ I want to lose 20 pounds”, “I want to increase my income by $1000 per month”.  Simple & specific.

This should be covered at least in part by being specific.  When you are specific you should be able to measure it.  For example “ I want to appreciate my wife everyday”  might seem specific, but how do you measure that?  How about “I want to tell my wife I love her everyday” – that you can measure.  (And if you forget she will remind you.)

Achievable or Action-Oriented
Achievable and Action oriented means there must be real steps you can take to reach that goal. Real steps that you know (or know you can find out). For example if your goal is to quit smoking, then there are real definable steps you can take to make that happen. For instance – Step one:  Don’t smoke.  Step 2: Freak out about Step one.  Well, hopefully you would have better steps in mind.

Be real.  It has to be achievable.  If you say “I want to make 100 million dollars this year” that might be specific, measurable, and there might even be steps to get you on that road,  but please – realistic?  I think not. (If it is, Hi, my name  is Josh I would like to be your best friend).

Time Bound
This is a big one. Set a deadline.  Going back to “I want to lose 20 lbs” – when?  In a year?  Next year?  In the next 10 years?  Set a deadline and stick to it.  “I want to lose 20 pounds by March 1st.”  Bing0 – now that’s a goal.

I recommend people ALWAYS have a goal.  When you reach a goal make a new one.

Got one?  THEN GET ONE!

Preferably a few.  And though I am a fitness dude I generally have clients tell , me their fitness & health goals,  this goal setting toll is not to be used exclusively for fitness goals.  It can be related to all aspects of your life – financial, romantic, educational – whatever.

It can be insanely effective when creating professional / business building goals.

I have made a PDF for you guys to help you out.  There is room for 4 goals, but write as many as you want so long as they follow the guidelines above.

Personal Goal Sheet

Right Click Here

It’s 2010 – time to get off your ass and take action.  This goal sheet can serve as your “to-do” list.

Joshua Carter, CPT
The Body Transformation Expert
Personal Training in Calabasas & West Hills