Crafting Your Irresistible Offer

Another kick ass fitness marketing post

Hey, Bedros Keuilian here, I hope you’re good and that you fitness business is rock’in! 🙂 weirdronald

Check this out, the other day I asked my Facebook friends for some blog post ideas and Rafael Moret came up with one that I thought was killer.

He wants to know how to craft an irresistible offer without giving away the kitchen sink.

You know what? I say give way the kitchen sink and the whole kitchen.

I’ll explain what I mean in just a second.

These days people are skeptical.

They don’t trust you.

hecaughttheballAnd they automatically assume that you’re out to get them until you prove that you’re a decent person. It used to be the other way around, rememeber?

And that’s why your offers have gotta be more dialed in than ever before.

Running an ad in the local paper for a free personal training session is lame. That used to work… like five years ago.

And a business card with all your credentials on it and the alphabet soup peppered after your name – useless.

A crafty logo and tag line? Forget about it.

What consumers want today BEFORE they buy are these four things:

1. A promise that you’re the solution to a problem they have.
2. Proof that your REALLY are the solution for that problem.
3. A RISK FREE opportunity to “test drive” your solution.
4. And tremendous value – in other words they want to know they are getting WAY more then they are paying for.

And that’s the formula for a KILLER irresistible offer.

So lets break it down and check out some real life examples.

stickemupLast year, my buddy Josh Carter, who’s also one of my top coaching clients, crafted an offer where he gave away two weeks of personal training or just $1 and if they liked the training they got in those two weeks they automatically rolled into a regular training program with Josh’s team of trainers.

Josh also peppered the postcard with tons of before and after pictures of actual clients giving further credibility and proof that he is a bad ass trainer who delivers results.

It goes without saying that this offer BLEW up for him and got him a ton of clients.

Another coaching client and friend, Sam “seven figure Sam” Bakhtiar ran with the same two weeks for a buck offer, but we added another level of irresistibleness to it.

He also crafted the agreement where your first two weeks were for a $1 and if you chose to stay on board you’d automatically roll into a discount ongoing program, BUT he further removed all risk by offering a 30 day money back guarantee if you were not satisfied with the results your were getting.

funnyfootball1Talk about an irresistible offer right?

Sam also offered double your money back guarantee. Why? Because his competitors don’t and that says LOT to the prospect.

Here’s the deal. You’re in one of the few businesses where you can charge people relatively large sums of money on a recurring basis. Take advantage of that fact and give away the kitchen sink.

Even if you made such a killer offer that you broke even the first month (or heck, even lost money the first month), you should know that as long as you delivered the results as promised, and have the client committed to a monthly recurring payment that you’re gonna make a lot of money on future months.

And that’s the name of the game.

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