17 Things I Would Do If I Were You

I hope you’re doing awesome and that your training business is kicking butt! 1on1personal_training

It took me a LONG time and a lot of mistakes before I got my personal training business dialed in. Fitness marketing did not come easy for me…

… not like it does today.

If you’ve been reading my emails or blog for any length of time then you probably know that in the beginning I was a personal trainer… and a fry cook at Disneyland.

Then I was a personal trainer… and a bouncer (and if were at Fitness Info Summit last week then you heard the entire bouncer story and how it REALLY sucked).

Eventually, thanks to a few clients who gave me coaching when I didn’t even know I was getting it, I built by personal training business to multiple facilities and multiple six figures and at one point had over 50 trainers working for me.

I took a LOT of time to get there.

I could have taken a bunch of shortcuts and saved myself a ton of stress, money, and wasted effort knowing what I know today.

So I decided to write a post about what I would do if I were you and wanted to break my first 100K or even my NEXT 100K.

Knowing what I know today, there are a bunch of shortcuts I would take that would really shave years off my success curve.

Here they are… 17 things I would do if I were you.

1. I’d stop offering one-one-one 60-minute sessions all together.

2. If I REALLY loved one-on-one training I’d ONLY offer 30 minutes sessions (way more leverage opportunity).

group-training3. I’d get rid of half the equipment in my studio and do a lot more group training and indoor boot camps.

4. I’d visit these blogs regularly: SteveHochman.com, Kickbacklife.com, Mike Boyle’s blog, Craig Ballantyne’s blog and of course PTPower.com.

5. I’d buy TT Boot Camps and train my clients that way for maximum results.

6. I’d become an affiliate of these products and create multiple income streams for myself: Turbulence Training, No Nonsense Muscle, Truth About Abs, Cheat Your Way Thin, and Burn The Fat.

7. I’d invest in a coach or mentor – here’s a good place to start.

8. I’d create a niche specific website that attracts and converts leads like crazy.

9. I’d specialize and NOT generalize.

10. I’d take massive action on things I know I should be doing (like the stuff on this list)

11. I’d lock in my Fit Body Boot Camp territory. fbbc

12. I’d manage my time ruthlessly.

13. I’d make sure I’m the person my community thinks about when they think fitness and fat loss.

14. I’d push the free line and give more away.

15. I’d stop selling number of sessions or period of time and instead focus on long term, results oriented programs.

16. I’d surround myself with more of the people I want to be like and less of the people I don’t want to be like.

17. I’d subscribe to the Fitness Marketing Manifesto and get the most cutting edge, ‘what’s working now’ client getting tactics and strategies mailed to my door step each month.

I know some of these things seem glaringly obvious.

And you wouldn’t think you’d need to be reminded to hang out with less crabs and energy vampires and more super achievers….

but for me I need these basic reminders. And I’m guessing that you’re human too, and like the rest of us you need to be reminded ‘the basics’ from time to time.

These were the things that helped me make the big shifts in my training business back in teh day– the shifts that helped me break my first 100K… and then eventually multiple six figure.