Inside the Fitness Info Summit: Day 2

Hey now PTPower- ites,  once again this is Calabasas  Personal Trainer extraordinaire Joshua Carter.  And once again I am giving you a behind the scenes look at the Fitness Info Summit.

orlando Let me first just say how beautiful Orlando is.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit I highly recommend it. I have never been to Florida, and I can’t wait to go back. And on a related note, let me say how much time zones suck.  I think there should only be one, and it should be based on wherever I happen to be.  Surprisingly, I am having a bit of trouble getting support for my revolutionary idea.

Day 2 was even more unbelievable than day 1.  These guys are content MACHINES!  And in case it wasn’t clear in the video yesterday and again today, at multiple points in during the seminar (I guess when he was bored)  Bedros just started hurling Easter eggs filled with cash at the audience – no joke.  Oddly, none were ever in my direction 🙁

Just check out the video to get a glimpse at the amazing time we all had kicking it with BK and the crew at the Fitness Info Summit.

Joshua Carter
”Fitness Info Summit Insider” & ‘”Calabasas Personal Trainer