Five Tips for Super Productivity

There’s a lot going on these day… We’re taking on new owners for Fit Body Boot Camp™ and territories are moving F-A-S-T…

plus I’m in Las Vegas right now, till Monday for my 7 Figure Formula mastermind meeting.  Lot’s of really driven fitness entrepreneurs here…

And then next weekend we’ll be in Orlando, Florida for Fitness Info Summit – I hope you’ll come out to join us because this “how to make and market fitness info products” mega-workshop is going to be AMAZING.

About the video below…

I decided to do a three part video for you. Part one (which you’ll find below) is all about productivity and time management and
I give you five tips that will help you get a LOT more in each day. These are easy things that you can do instantly.

Enjoy the video… it’s only five minutes long.

1. Work Off Lists

2. Do The Hardest Thing First

3. Focus On Your 5% (Out Source The 95%)

4. Avoid False Productivity

5. Say NO Often

I hope you got a lot from these tips. I’d like to know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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