Starting a Personal Training Business on a Budget

jarDang… have you seen all the comments on the Fit Body Boot Camp launch site?

Over 100 comments from fitness pros who want to own a Fit Body Boot Camp territory.

I guess it’s safe to say that this re-launch will sell out quickly like the last two (especially since we’re only taking on half the amount of new owners this time around)

Moving on!

Starting a personal training business … (on a budget)

Okay, so I got a facebook email the other day from a fitness trainer who wanted to know how much he should try to borrow and piece together to start a personal training business.

Here’s what I told him…

If I could do it all over again, I’m pretty sure I could start a personal training business or a fitness boot camp for little or no money.

I’m not talking about opening up a personal training studio or gym for little to no money.

(all though if I were to do that I’d follow this program and save myself thousands of dollars and tons of time)

First off, you should watch this video first where I give you the step-by-step formula for starting a personal training business.

The first thing I would if I were starting a personal training business today is to choose who I wanted to serve. This is the number one mistake I made when I first started out a trainer and I struggled for years because of it…

and it’s the number one mistake I see now. You have to have a defined niche market.

Once you know who your NICHE market is, it’s W-A-Y easier to reach them and to speak in THEIR language. SIDE NOTE: People buy when they feel understood and when you know the ‘language” that your market speaks it’s way easier to get them to make the buying decision.

skinnyFor example if I know that my market is stay-at-home moms then I know that the words and phrases that would resonate with them are:

  • Not having enough time to workout
  • Making better choices for your family
  • Getting back into their skinny jeans
  • Getting a flat stomach (notice it’s STOMACH and no tummy or abs?)
  • Having more energy to take on the day
  • Getting your wedding day body back

You get the point, right?

If I chose the entire world as my market then I’d quickly create a disconnect by using these words with them or I’d have to use general fitness and fat loss words that basically don’t sell because being general sucks.

Next, I’d find a place where I could train my clients. I’d NEVER want to go to them because that’s a lot of driving time that you’re not being paid for.

I want my clients to come to me.

I’d find a gyms I could rent space from, a gymnastic, cheer, or dance center and I’d negotiate a 60 day ramp up time where the first 30 days would be rent free, the next 30 days would be half rent, and then full rent by day 90.

I teach a lot of my coaching clients how to do this and In fact I did that with my training facilities back in the day AND I did the same with my office that I’m in now… (actually I got 90 days rent free here at my office)

Finally, to build up my client roster QUICKLY I’d do Steve Hochman’s human billboard system and get an army of 20-30 people who would serve as my referral army in exchange for free group or boot camp training.

referralAnd I’d do the my business referral network circle where you create a list of local businesses that serve your ideal clients…

Like this:

  • The chiropractor
  • The tanning solon
  • The day spa
  • The massage therapist
  • The supplement store
  • The physical therapist
  • The high end hair solons
  • The health food stores
  • And the boutique dress shops

Then you walk into each of these businesses and offer the owners/manager and the staff free membership to your group or boot camp training program in exchange for them to hand out 4×6 postcards that offer a $1 trial for one week of my program.

I know what you’re thinking… HOW CAN YOU TRAIN ALL THOSE PEOPLE FOR FREE.

First, you should know that only 30% will take you up on the offer – but near 100% will feel obligated to send you referrals because they feel that they have access to your program anytime. It’s like insurance.

Second, it’s group or boot camp training anyway so what does it matter? The bigger the group the more others want to be a part of. (who wants to eat in an empty restaurant?)

NOW here’s the MOST important thing to make the “business referral network circle” marketing system work… you also tell the business owner/manager that in exchange for the referral cards they’ll pass out, YOU plan to refer all you’re clients to THEIR business making it a perfect “referral network circle.”

What business owner in their right mind would not want to get in shape for free and get more referrals from you?

That’s how you go about starting a personal training business on a shoestring budget.

And if owning your own Fit Body Boot Camp business sounds interesting and exciting then be sure to check this out >>