The Difference Between a Five Figure and a Six figure Fitness Boot Camp

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Before I jump into this post I want to make sure you get a chance to watch this video of me and Steve Hochman sharing what we call the “super six pillars of marketing a fitness boot camp.”


I love figuring things out.

To me, things can always be improved… become better… and more efficient.

When I was a kid I remember figuring out how to open the locked gate to the pool in the apartment complex we lived at.

That was a really fun summer.

toyotaLater on in life I figured out that removing the air filter from my car added an extra few horse power to the junker I was driving.

That took the old 79 Toyota pick-up from 81 horse power to a whopping 84 horse power (fast lane here I come!)

Then when I started my personal training business I figured out a few things within the first year in the business that really made a HUGE impact in my business.

I figured out that…

  • People would rather have 30 minute sessions over 60 minute sessions.
  • I could train more clients throughout the day if I offered 30 minutes sessions.
  • I could charge almost the same price as a sixty minute sessions.

I also figured out that…

  • Selling single sessions and small blocks of sessions kept me broke and kept my clients fat (because they weren’t committed to a long term program that actually delivered results).
  • Folks will buy whatever you put in front of them.
  • People actually have no problem with 12 month commitments if it’s offered to them correctly.
  • Some people actually have no problem with committing for 24 months.
  • I could make it easier on the client and more profitable for myself if I did EFT (collected payment via monthly auto debit).
  • I could force multiply my income if I leveraged other trainers to train my clients.
  • I could double my sales by offering a risk reversal like a full money back guarantee.
  • I could again force multiply my income if I offered group training of 3-5 clients per trainer.

It’s funny but these small changes in my personal training business accounted for additional hundreds of thousands of dollars in income each month.

Later on when my buddy Steve Hochman decided to start up a boot camp and asked me for help, we sat down and figured out all the problems with the way 99% of most boot camps were run.

For a lack of a better term, I’ll call the old way of operating fitness boot camps: Boot Camp 1.0.

10The problems we discovered with Boot Camp 1.0 are…

  • They were four weeks on, two weeks off. We found that client retention was really lousy because of this.
  • Plus, the instructors would have to resell existing clients all over again each and every month.
  • Potential clients would have to wait for the camp to reopen before they could sign up. (marketing 101 says to sell people what they want when they want it and not make them wait)
  • Plus boot camp 1.0 was more of a “job model” than a business model.
  • And one of the biggest problems we found with boot camp 1.0 is that they took place in a park. That’s great if you live somewhere with perfect weather all year round and if the city you live in is okay with you operating a boot camp there. But for the most part boot camps in a park were pretty flawed.

So when we set out to create Steve’s boot camps we figured out a better way to build a mouse trap. And you know what they say about what happens when you build a better mouse trap.

What we figured out helped Steve open six location within seven months. This was the beginning of fitness boot camp 2.0 – a true replicate-able business model.

Here’s what we figured out for boot camp 2.0…

  • Membership was ongoing – no more four weeks on, two weeks off.
  • Folks could sign up any time they wanted.
  • The boot camp would be weather proof and run indoors (like a gymnastics or cheer center).
  • We could sell month to month and 12 month (discounted) memberships.
  • We applied EFT – monthly auto debit payment.
  • We create killer marketing systems like the human billboard system, craigs list dominator, and plastic gift cards 1.0 and 2.0
  • We created a true business model that could be replicated quickly with virtually identical results from location to location.

It’s a funny thing because what we created for Steve as a business model ended up as Fit Body Boot Camp – the fastest growing boot camp brand in the world.

logounstoppableThe point I’m making is that you should never accept the status quo as “the way it is”.

I know for me, if I never asked “WHY” and didn’t try to figure out a better, different, and more effective way for getting my clients better results and generating more money and freedom for myself I would never have reached the level of success I have today…

and with that, the ability to help so many success minded fitness professional take their passion to massive success.

If you’d like six more out-of-the-box and proven client getting tactics for your fitness boot camp then CLICK HERE and check out this FREE video >>