Six Sites for Productivity, Speed, and Awesomeness

Fitness Info SummitI just got back from an awesome Internet Marketing seminar in Austin, TX and I’m heading to another one this weekend in San Diego.

(if you’re in San Diego this weekend leave me a comment below… I may do an unofficial free one hour “in the lobby” client getting mini seminar)

Speaking of Internet if you have an idea for a fitness info product like an ebook, DVD, CD, or membership site then check out Fitness Info Summit.

And speaking of Internet…

It’s amazing the things you’ll find online that will help you get more organized, productive, and efficient.

Here are six killer online tools that help me give me the cutting edge and help me get a crap load done.

1. Google desktop side bar: This is one of the BEST tools for keeping links, notes, passwords, and to do lists and stuff that you need at your finger tips handy. It just hangs out on the side of your screen waiting to make your life easier.

2. Web Site Grader: If you want to know how your website compares against your competitors and how well its optimized for search engines then you gotta try this free service. (plus you can get all the stats on your competitors.)

pandora3. Pandora: If music helps you get in the zone then you’re going to love this site. Basically you can choose an artist or song and it will start playing songs that are similar to that song and or artist. But here’s where it gets REALLY good. Each song played has a little thumbs up/down icon that allows you to rate the songs and that helps drill the music down to EXACTLY the kind you like.

Amazon Android Product Finder: Okay, if you buy a ton of books or whatever on Amazon then you’re going to love this. You just download this app to your phone and start snapping pics and bar codes of books and stuff and it will find it on Amazon for cheaper.

5. Mind Jet: If you have ever had an idea that you wanted to dump out on paper this is the app to get. It’s one of the best and EASIEST mind mapping tools ever. Really helps me go from idea to final product faster than ever.

6. Life Hacker: If you’re really into productivity and funky apps that do about anything you can imagine then this site is for you.

What sites, applications or tools do you use that I missed? Let me know below.