How To Open a Personal Training Studio


I guess I should have titled this post “how to open, operate, duplicate and dominate with a personal training studio”…

because I’m going to give you the 22 critical steps for opening, operating, and duplicating a massively profitable personal training studio.

If you’re wondering what qualifies me to write this post, I’ll tell ya.

I’ve done it myself…

I’ve coached others on opening and operating multiple six and seven figure earning studios… (Josh Carter, Saman “seven figure Sam” Bakhtiar, and Cabel McEldery to just name a few)…


And I’ve created the ONLY product that shows you the step-by-step the PROVEN formula for opening, operating, and duplicating a super successful personal training studio.

So without further ado – – here’s how to open a personal training studio (and get it to make you money and give you the lifestyle you want and deserve.)

1. It’s not about the location. It’s about your marketing, your niche, and your reputation.

2. The biggest mistake ALL studio owners make is over buying equipment.

3. Rent is negotiable – especially now where you can probably get the first 3-6 months free.

4. Push for TI. TI means tenant improvement and typically you can get the landlord to do a fair amount of improvements for you.

5. Never sell 60-minute one-on-one sessions.

6. If you’re compelled to do one-on-one sessions make them 30-minute sessions.

7. Better yet do group training (groups of 4-6) and really leverage your time.

8. Never do the training yourself. EVER. You’re the entrepreneur not the technician.

9. Work ON your business and not IN it.

10. Your ‘job’ is to delegate, motivate, market, and sell.

11. Don’t overpay your staff. (payroll is the number one profit eater)

12. The formula for employee pay is: 1/3 hourly, 1/3 commission, and 1/3 retention bonus.

13. Never sell single sessions or small groups of sessions.

14. Create and name your six and twelve month programs based on the results they’ll give.

dollars15. Don’t be a bill collector or a check chaser. Use EFT (electronic fund transfer)

16. Leverage other people’s money, effort, and time.

17. Trust, but verify. It’s fine to trust your staff, but back it up with the appropriate none compete agreements BEFORE things get ugly.

18. Document everything. Create an operations manual for EVERY task that happen in your personal training studio.

19. Forget about brand or logo. Use accountable marketing tactics like direct response.

20. Manage your numbers. Know your close ratio, appointment show ratio, sales goals, EFT, payroll, and profits.

21. Don’t sell to just anyone. Specialize, define your niche, and be the expert to a starving crowd.

22. Don’t undervalue yourself. Charge what your worth but give ten times the value in return.

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