Personal Trainer Marketing Experts Reveal All

By Joshua Carter

As I write this it is actually Monday morning.  The 3 day super event that was Fitness Business Summit 09 has come to a close.

This weekend was so freakin’ intense that I need another weekend just to recover from my Fitness Business Summit 09 weekend.  I need some serious rest.


I am so jacked on info up on marketing and business info that I am taking action the second I am done writing this post.

Before you take action you gotta check out this vid…

Day 3 did not disappoint.  We started the day with an unannounced speaker, super rock star uber trainer who impressed and inspired all with his commanding presence– me 🙂   I spelled out step by step how to run a “beta” program to get clients and create an ebook, along with how to do Facebook ads the right way.  Plus I showed how you can use a little known site to make live events wherever you are using only your cell phone.

The editor of PFP magazine dropped some serious info bombs on the crowd on how to get and use publicity to attract even more clients.

Greg Justice let us know everything you could ever need to know to start a corporate wellness bootcamp (oh yeah, and make a pile of cash doing it…)

Then the man himself, Bedros Keuilian personal trainer marketing expert, took the stage and spelled out how to use EFT to automate your billing  and better leverage your time.

Then came the “Fast Action Bonuses”….And those I can’t even tell you about, but they were awesome.

I have attended all 3 Fitness Business Summits, and this one takes the cake.  Without a doubt the best investment a trainer could ever make. The cutting edge fitness business info presented by the industry’s top experts was absolutely insane.

There is no other event like this in the entire world- and that is no joke.

If you are a serious trainer and are serious about making it huge In this industry and you missed it this year,  do yourself a HUGE favor and DO NOT miss it next year.  Your bank statement will thank you.

My thanks to Bedros Keuilian and his whole crew:  His wife Diana, assistants Alison & Marilyn and (my tech buddy) Pete for making the weekend run seamlessly.  An event this HUGE cannot be easy to run, but you’d never know it with these pros at the helm.

Until next time,

Joshua Carter

PS: To tell you the absolute truth, the first thing I did this morning was use Bedros’ “Close Clients” system to sell a client, adding her to existing group training sessions, profiting me an additional $6k per year with no additional expense.  Never would have happened without the expert coaching of Bedros. HE KICKS ASS!