Why They Pay, Stay and Refer

hardrockI spent the weekend at a HUGE marketing seminar in San Diego.

There were some serious heavy hitters in attendance both from the fitness industry and internet marketing in general.

But the reason I’m writing this post is to tell you about the hotel we stayed at.

The event took place at the Hard Rock hotel. You’d think all hotels are the same, right?

They’re not.

It all started when we pulled up to the hotel valet. The valet greeted us; they opened the car doors, immediately started taking our stuff out of the SUV and into the hotel and asked us if this was our first time in San Diego.


The front desk was totally different then any other hotel front desk.

It was open.

The check-in clerks were each standing at their own kiosk – there was no barrier separating them from us.

It was really welcoming.

As we were checking in the clerk asked what music I would like playing in my suite as I walked in. (how many hotels do that?)

In fact the clerk’s nametag had her name on it (that part is normal) and the name of her favorite band.

How cool, right?

Can you see how this hotel is WAY different then any other?

After a long night partying (I mean networking) a group of us went to the cafĂ© in the middle of the night to grab a bite. The late night menu was missing my favorite food item – but all I had to do was ask and they made it happen.

How cool is that?

Finally when we were ready to leave the valet pulled up my SUV with two fresh cold bottles of water inside and they had tossed out the old empty coffee cup that I had left inside.

I valet my car all the time and I’ve never experienced that kind of service.

My point to you is this. I booked my suite at Hard Rock because the event was happening there and I needed a place to sleep.hard-rock-hotel-san-diego

But, in the future when we go back out to that part of San Diego the ONLY place I’ll stay from now on is the Hard Rock hotel because the experience was so awesome.

In fact I’m going back up to San Diego right after Fitness Business Summit for some R and R and guess where I’ll be staying?

You guessed it… The Hard Rock Hotel.

IT’S All ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE. That’s why people stay and refer.

Think about Starbucks. You can get a cup of coffee anywhere. But you can only get the Starbucks experience from Starbucks and people go back over and over again and pay a premium for THAT experience.

This applies to your personal training business too.

People may sign up for your services because they want to lose weight, get in better shape, or to just feel better and you should deliver what your service promises

…but they’ll stay and refer others because of the experience and unique and special service you deliver.kb-chick

Every SUPER successful fitness professional I know delivers more than just results. They deliver an EXPERIENCE that their clients want to be apart of and want to share with others.

Everyone wants to feel special. Everyone enjoys the EXTRA services. And everyone wants to be a part of something cool.

And that something is what separates the ordinary fitness business from the multiple six and seven figure earning fitness businesses.plank1

What EXPERIENCE do you deliver to your clients? What’s so unique, special, and attractive about what you do that would make a client want to stay and share your services with others?

Be more than just a personal trainer, studio, or boot camp. Be known for an experience.