Autopsy of Marketing a Fitness Boot Camp

steve hochmanLast Friday me and my wife went out with the McCombs and the Hochmans. And just like the time we went bowling – my wife and I schooled them at miniature golf 🙂

But that’s not what this post is about…

On hole 12 of the mini golf course (by this point I was leading by like  five points) I asked Steve Hochman if he had run any cool boot camp marketing campaigns for his six fitness boot camps recently and he told me about the postcard campaign he had tested and the little tricks he had discovered that got him a bunch of traffic.

So I asked Steve to do an “autopsy” video on marketing a fitness boot camp with postcards  – and here it is!


Steve Hochman has developed a system for taking your boot camps form 0 to 100k pace in just 3 months. For more killer out-of-the-box  boot camp tactics, tips and strategies go to

What unique or creative fitness boot camp marketing tactics have you use?  Let me know below.