Three More Things You Should Know

In this issue I’m going to talk about three things that every success-minded personal trainer must know. In fact, these three things can easily double and re-double your monthly income without spending a single additional penny on marketing.

But before we get into it I want to address one question that was asked about 30-40 times since last week’s newsletter. Here’s an email that perfectly summarizes that question:


Hi Bedros,

I have some questions about this issue. Mistake #3 says I should use 30 minute sessions. I don’t see how that’s possible unless they only did one or two exercises per session and those would most likely have to be compound movements.

Do the 30 minutes sessions include warm ups, cool downs and stretching? Those 3 things usually take up 10-15 minutes alone and we can’t rush them or the client might get hurt.

Would you mind telling how you go about doing it this way? I’m only asking because I’d prefer 30 minute sessions but I’m a little confused as to how you do it.

LaShaun Williams


What do you sell to your clients?

You sell them hope. You sell them on the idea that with you they’ll achieve their goals and eventually be able to create and execute workouts for themselves, right?

So I say educate them, empower them and hold them accountable from the beginning.

Here’s what we did in my training facilities. The first 30 minute session was spent educating the client on how to warm up, stretch, and cool down after a workout.

Every client knew that they were to come in 10 minutes before their session to warm up and stretch (accountability). If they required cardio, they did that too – on their own in the studio or at home.

Odds are your clients want to lose inches and pounds therefore the 30 minute session is perfect. The secret is to super set compound movements, introduce shorter rest periods and pepper in short bursts of aerobic exercises like jumping jacks or jump rope.

There’s no reason for you to hold them by the hand and walk them through every stretch and warm up. Educate, empower and hold them accountable.

** On to this week’s PT Profits Newsletter **

So without further ado here are the three things that every success-minded trainer should know:

1. Increase your closing ratio. This one’s a no brainer, right? If you’re seeing ten prospects a month and are only selling to five then you have a 50% closing ratio. What if you could sell nine out of ten prospects on personal training services, wouldn’t that instantly increase your profits?

2. Increase the size of your average sale.
So let’s say that your average client buys ten sessions from you at a cost of $50 per session. That gives you $500 per sale.

Imagine if you could increase your average sale to $1200, $2800, or even $5500 by selling six and twelve month programs. Most people today need long term, results oriented programs to achieve their goals. A handful of sessions simply won’t cut it.

3. Increase your price per session. Yep, this is by far the easiest one of all, yet many of the personal trainers I talk to are so resistant to increasing their session rates. It doesn’t matter if all the other trainers in your area are charging less. That does not make it OK to devalue yourself, does it?

Plus, if someone is buying training from you just based on price then odds are they’re not serious about seeing results, or worse, you failed to show value in your services.

It’s easy to start thinking up excuses to why you can’t increase your closing ratio, price per session, or size of average deal. But those are just that, excuses and not valid reasons.

These are the laws of numbers. And if you don’t follow them then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

I’ll see you in a few days with more ideas, tips, and strategies to help you take your personal training business to the next level.

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