The Biggest Info Product Mistake You Can Make

At Fitness Business Summit I spoke to a lot of trainers who either have info products or are in the process of creating one. Interestingly they all made the same mistake.

In my opinion every personal trainer should have at least one info product out there. It doesn’t matter if you have an ebook, audio program, workout DVD, or an actual physical book – you need an info product out there.

The two major benefits of an info product are the ability to earn passive income and the fact that they build and establish credibility. Imagine sitting in across from a prospective personal training client and handing them your book or DVD. Bam! Instantly you’re the expert and the sale is made.

Sure you can sell your info product and generate passive income for yourself, or you can give it away during a consultation and win a new client. But in both scenarios a huge mistake was made.

You’re missing the back-end sale. And that’s where all the real profits are made from info products. And that is what 99% of all personal trainers fail to do when creating an info product.

Look at it this way: how many $29.95 ebooks do you have to sell to give a decent boost to your bottom line? Let’s say that you have your sales copy dialed in, and that you get fair traffic to your site and so you’re selling 30 copies a month. Assuming that this is an ebook (almost all profit) then you’re making close to $900 a month.

Not a bad supplement to your income, right

Now let’s look at this scenario: You still sell 30 ebook per month. Only this time you have a “back-end” offer in your book where you promote your monthly online personal training services for $60/month.

Let’s take this scenario further and say that 6 of your 30 customers each month invest in your monthly online coaching program. Now you’re generating additional $360 per month and every month that doubles. In just six months you’re making $2160/month (and growing) in addition to your monthly book sales.

Can you see what’s happening here? You can literally use back-end sales and recurring billing (EFT) to grow a massive passive income stream. I don’t know what you, but that’s sounds like a winner to me.

Best of all you can do this will DVDs, books, audio programs, and digital products. And you’re back-end offers can be online training, monthly meal plans, auto ship supplements, and even membership sites and forums.

So don’t make the mistake of creating an info product without creating a back-end profit center. Otherwise it will cost you thousands of dollars in lost profits every month.