Fitness Marketing Postcard Case Study #2

Last week I showed you an actual postcard marketing campaign that one personal trainer used to generate over $36,000 in two short weeks.

This week I’m going to show you yet another example of the same type of postcard that also generated a huge return for another mentorship client of mine.

While there are other forms of marketing, the humble postcard still remains one of the most powerful client attract tools for offline marketing. But only if done correctly. For most businesses, postcard marketing is like playing darts in the dark – a guessing game.

But today I’m going to show you the winning formula for a successful postcard campaign.

Since last week’s postcard case study I received a ton of emails from fitness professionals who wanted to know how they could ensure a successful postcard mailing.

The formula is this:

1. Market
2. Message
3. Media

Before you even think about running a marketing campaign whether it’s an ad, postcard, endorsed letter, or online lead generator you need to consider these three things.

MARKET: Who are the people that you will be targeting with this campaign? Are they qualified to receive your marketing piece? Do they fall in your niche and demographics?

Target your campaigns. Use a laser like approach and not shotgun tactics where half of your postcards end up in the hands of people who don’t want, can’t afford, or don’t value personal training.

MESSAGE: Once you’ve identified your market it’s time to create your message. Target your message to your demographic. If your mailing list consists of upper income homes with mostly stay-at- home moms then your message should cater to their needs and wants.

A run of the mill ad like “call now for a complimentary session” is a major waste of time.
You message should be compelling.
Make an irresistible offer.
Make it unique.
Show that it has high perceived value.
Use social proof to back up your claims (testimonials).
And back it all up with a guarantee that proves you’re committed to giving results.

MEDIA: By this point you’ve targeted your market and you’ve put together a campaign message targeted to your market’s needs and wants. Now let’s talk about the best media to use to deliver your campaign.

Here you’ve got options. TV, Radio, Newspaper, local or national publications, enveloped letter, postcard, website, pay-per-click, email/newsletter mailing or public speaking.

Your options for media are huge, but don’t let it confuse you. Do a little research and find out what your market reads, listens to, or is most likely to respond to.

EXAMPLE: If you’re selling fishing gear then you’re going to do best by advertising in the sports section of the local paper, right? Men fish, men read the sports section and that’s where YOU want to be. Or if you can get a list of names and addresses of men who fish in your area and send them a targeted postcard mailing.

And that’s what this newsletter is about.

he Carter Fitness Case Study

Location: West Hills, CA
Postcard size: 5.5×11
Number mailed: 5,000
Cost of postcard and postage: $1,620
Number of new clients gained in 14 days: 15 new clients
Profits generated from this mailing in 14 days: $9,180
Monthly recurring dollars from this mailing (EFT): $10,800

Looking at the postcard below you can see that Josh used every arsenal in his marketing tool box to maximize results. Take a look below.


The numbers above are impressive, aren’t they?

Over the last two weeks I showed you two different postcard campaigns. One was a huge mailing of 20,000 postcards and the other (this one) was a mailing of only 5,000 postcards. Both mailings produced amazing results for these trainers.

Both campaigns generated incredible profits for these trainers and both have the formula down. And guess where they learned how to create profitable client attraction marketing campaigns like these?
The PT Business Course <– right here.

Whether you are an independent trainer, studio owner, or bootcamp operator postcard can get you all the clients you need IF you follow the formula.

I’ll see you next week with more tips, ideas, and strategies to help you out market, out earn, and out position your competitors!