Fitness Marketing Postcard Case Study #1

In your last issue of PT Profits Newsletter we talked about how you can find clients anywhere with a simple smile and by striking up a conversation.

I call that belly-to-belly marketing and it’s one of the most underutilized marketing strategies by personal trainers.

In this issue we’re going to shift gears a bit and talk about large marketing campaigns. Specifically we’re going to dissect a very successful postcard campaign that Saman Bakhtiar, one of my mentorship clients, recently launched.

In a nutshell he spent $6,200 and got a return of over $30,000 in just two weeks.

Below is the actual postcard. (front and back)

Here are the particulars:

*Facility: Personal Training studio
*Number of postcard mailed: 22,000
*Postcard size: 6″x 9″
*Demographics: Homes within 7 miles w/ household income of $85K+
*Cost of mailing: $6,200.00 (includes postcard and postage)
*New client leads generated: 219
*New paying clients generated: 34
*Dollars in new business: $36,640.00 (within 15 days of mailing)
*New monthly EFT dollars: $16,320.00 (this is recurring monthly)

As you can see from the numbers above this was a very successful mailing. In fact, the numbers above are all within 15 days of the mailing. Since then the revenues have increased further – But majority of the results came within the first two weeks.

Below we’ll examine why this mailing worked so well.

Fitness Marketing Postcard

Let’s take a look…

1. Saman picked a solid list to mail to. This particular mailing went to 22,000 homes in Chino Hills (the city I happen to live in). When selecting his addresses Saman chose homes within 7 miles that have a household income of $85,000 plus.

2. He also consistently runs half and full page two- step ads for the purpose of building his list in the local monthly publications, so people already know that he is the expert and the authority on fitness in Chino and Chino Hills.

3. Makes an irresistible and specific offer. (Very important)

4. Uses an actual client’s before and after picture. (Social proof & credibility)

5. Strong compelling headline. (Grabs attention in a pile of mail)

6. Huge discount offered for those who take action now.

7. Builds urgency with an expiration date.

8. Strong call to action. “Call before June 30th and save.”

9. Offers a strong money back guarantee (Who does that these days?)

10. Creates further credibility by offering “Amazing video testimonials on website.”

11. Generates leads by offering a free report and audio CD on his site.

(Many of these leads will convert into cashing paying clients in the future)

When I met Saman over a year ago he was one of four personal training facilities and 12 personal trainers who operated business in Chino Hills. He’ll be the first to admit that his marketing was inconsistent and under performing.

Today he dominates his competition and is recognized everywhere he goes. And best of all his marketing always produces results – and that is what marketing is all about, right? I’ll see you next week with yet another example of postcard marketing that produces results.