What YOU need to know

In this issue we’re going to talk about three things that every success-minded personal trainer must know. In fact, these three things can easily double and re-double your monthly income without spending a single additional penny on marketing.

I’ve coached and consulted thousands of independent trainers and studio owners. And the one thing I’ve found is that the most successful (those earning high six and seven figures annually) understand these three things that I’m about to share with you.

So without further ado, here they are:

1. Increase your closing ratio. This one’s a no brainer, right? If right now you are seeing ten prospects a month and are only selling to five then you have a 50% closing ratio.

Now imagine if you had the ability to ethically persuade eight out of ten prospects to invest in your personal training services. Wouldn’t that instantly increase your profits?

2. Increase you average sale. So let’s say that your average client buys ten sessions from you at a cost of $50 per session. That gives you $500 per sale.

But, what if you could increase your average sale to $1200? Wouldn’t that instantly increase your profits? I’ll show you how you can do that in just a minute.

3. Increase your price per session. Yep, this is by far the easiest one of all, yet many of the personal trainers I talk to are so resistant to increasing their session rates. It doesn’t matter if all the other “trainers” in your area are charging less. That does not make it OK to devalue yourself, does it?

Plus, if someone is buying training from you only based on price then odds are they’re not serious about seeing results. Or worse, you failed to show value and that your services are better than the competitors.

Now, some of you may be thinking up excuses as to why you can’t increase your closing ratio, price per session, or size of average deal. But those are just that, excuses and not valid reasons.

If you’re not closing at least seven out of ten prospects, if your average deal is less than $1400, and if you’re charging less than $45 for a 30 minute session then you are leaving a lot of money on the table every month.

These are the laws of numbers. And IF you’re serious about your personal training business then you would pay serious attention to them.

Want to know if what I’m saying is true?  Just go here and check out what these trainers have to say.

I’ll see you in a few days with more ideas, tips, and strategies to help you take your personal training business to the next level.