The Hard Way to 100

Typically your PT Profit Center Newsletter is jam packed with tips, ideas, systems and strategies for growing your personal training business…

But in this issue I want to tell you about an awesome leg workout I had a few days ago.

See, these days a good leg workout is hard for me to come by. I re-injured my left knee a few months ago while working out at the park (I had an ACL reconstruction about three years ago on the same knee). Once again I’m scheduled for “little” surgery, come May 14th.

Back to my kick butt leg workout…

Last Friday I was having a good knee day – half the pain, half the swelling, and increased range of motion. So I did what any fitness nut would do – I headed straight for the gym to do my most favorite leg routine. I call it ‘Hard way to 100’.
It’s a simple routine that consists of only two exercises and only takes 20 minutes to complete. But if you do it right – MAN it will change your life!

Here’s how it goes. (In case you want to try it with a client or for yourself)

I should tell you that it’s not a routine that you want to use often. Way too taxing. But if you want to change things up for a change and don’t have much time, this is the one for you.

Here’s all you need.

One 45 degree leg press
Two moderate weight dumbbells for stiff legged deadlifts
You’ll also need a spotter

I start by warming up my legs with lighter weight on the leg press. Over a period of three sets I’ll build up to a weight that I can do no more than 10 times.

Now you’re ready to start…

Remember it’s called ‘Hard way to 100’ so you’re going to do 100 total repetitions with no rest (just the amount of time it takes your spotter to strip off a plate or two).



Basically you’ll keep pressing the weight until you can’t eek out another rep at which point your spotter will strip off a plate or two (sometimes even three) to keep you moving. Again, keep pushing out those reps until the weight won’t move, at which point your spotter will again strip off another plate or two.

Keep count.

Eventually you’ll reach a point when you’re on number 85 or so and there’s no weight on the sled – but it feels like there’s a ton! (This is usually the point where someone walks by and sees you struggling and pouring sweat on an empty sled – great confidence builder…ha ha.)

Keep cranking. And when you reach 100, you’re done.

Now stand up (slowly) take a 30 second breather and rep out 20 or so stiff legged deadlifts with those dumbbells.

That’s it. You’re done. Hardest way to get to 100 reps that I know of.

Here’s why this routine is a total lower body workout. See, when one muscle group fatigues another kicks in, and when that muscle group fatigues the other muscle group kicks in and so on.

If performed properly – you’ll feel it in your quads, calves, hamstrings and glutes the next day. And you’ll feel it deep in the muscle tissue.

Like I said, it’s definitely not a routine to use every week. But for those times that you really want to shake things up… this is the one.

Give hard way to 100 a try and let me know what you think.