Five Tips For Using Testimonials To Build Your Credibility and Your Personal Training Business…

In your last issue of PT Profit Center Newsletter I showed you how a little pearl stand in Maui is raking it in, hand over fist, by using systematic up-sells and back-ends that generate additional profits.

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This week I want to shift your attention to a marketing system that is often overlooked and poorly utilized – social proof or testimonials. Ironically social proof is one of the best marketing systems for your personal training business, and I’m going to show you how to get the most bang for your buck.

A couple of weeks ago my son Andrew and I went out for a little “guy time” together. After playing around at the park we went to the local Carl’s Jr. for some burgers (a little treat).

I noticed something interesting on the cups and burger wrappers that really caught my attention. They were using testimonials to push burgers!

That’s right. Carl’s Jr. – a regional burger chain was leveraging the power of testimonials on all their cups and containers. What was even more interesting is that these testimonials were from local print and TV media that had sampled their burgers.

Now these guys get it! They know that social proof is priceless and it one of the best ways to influence the public.

See, testimonials can say things about your business that you could never say… and even if you did, no one would believe you. But through testimonials you can establish credibility so strong that you could literally blow your competitors out of the water.

That’s the great things about testimonials – they do so much selling for you.

There is, however, a right and wrong way to use testimonials. For example: Let’s say that a client writes you a testimonial.

What would you do with it?

Well, let me show you a case study of what one of my most successful mentorship clients is doing with the testimonials his clients have given him.

You’ll want to pay close attention because this guy brings in close to $100K/month from his training studio in a very competitive market in southern California.

* In the full page ad below Saman, one of my successful mentorship clients used the top half of the page for lead generation and the bottom half to showcase a compelling testimonial that further establishes his credibility. (just two of the marketing strategies he uses to generate close to $100K per month)

Fitness Business Marketing

Five Tips For Maximum Results From Client Testimonials.

1. Use compelling, attention grabbing headlines that resonate with the reader.

2. Include before and after pictures that show the dramatic changes possible.

3. Tell a compelling personal story that’s at least a couple paragraphs long.

4. The best testimonials are specific. For example: I lost 25 lbs and 6 inches in the first 30 days.

5. Make sure to get the client’s permission to use their testimonial in your marketing material.

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