Getting clients for your gym or personal training center is really not that hard once you understand the concept of the “lowest hanging fruit”.

Here’s what I mean…

Some of the best fitness center marketing tactics are those that cost you practically nothing and are actually pretty easy to put into place.

See most business owners really over-think their fitness center marketing strategy and spend a bunch of money on dead end advertising in newspapers and via postcard that often times fail to bring in leads.

But if you understand and apply the “lowest hanging fruit” concept of marketing then you’re going to get boat loads of clients – fast.

Here’s an example of a fitness center marketing idea that can easily double your lead generation without spending a dime. The goal is to condition your current clients to giving you referrals.

For example, lets say you get a new client tomorrow. The first thing you want to tell him or her is that you ONLY get your clients through referrals and that this helps keep the cost of your services low because if you don’t have to spend money on advertising then you don’t have to raise your rates.

And that’s when you say: SO as long as I help you get what you want, which is to get into shape and look and feel better, can I count on you to help me get what I want which is to build my business and get more referrals?

That fitness center marketing script alone has gotten me boatload of clients.. and the best part is they were are referral and came in practically sold.

Another one of my favorite fitness center marketing strategies is to build an email list of local residents who may be interested in my services. For example, I would have client emails, past client email, all of my friends and family on an email list and I’d email them really content rich info all the time and position myself as the local fitness expert.

Over time this fitness center marketing system would grow to have thousands of people on the list who I can sell my services to over and over again.

Like I said, some of the best client getting tactics out there are low cost and no cost. Before you go and spend a ton of money on advertising that fails to product results I suggest that you check out these low hanging fitness center marketing ideas.

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