How to Automate Your Personal Training Business

You can automate a business, even a fitness business. You don’t see Richard Branson flying your airplane when you go on any one of his Virgin Atlantic flights.

I fly a lot, and I fly first class every time. I gotta tell you, there’s no better first class experience than Virgin Atlantic.

Yet Richard Branson’s not flying it.

Elon Musk made one hell of an electric vehicle with the Tesla, but you certainly don’t see him as the mechanic or the sales guy. He’s created a buying experience with the Tesla.

And in the fitness industry, we’ve got Fit Body Boot Camp owners, like Matt Wilbur, Stephanie Flynn, Sonia Gonzales that have multiple locations.

What they have done is they have chosen to become great leaders, and great leaders produce other great leaders.

And so each of their locations have an amazing exceptional leader who not only is the face of that business, but they also run the business. Not by the seat of their pants, but according to the systems.

How You Can Use Systems to Automate Your Business

And if you can breed good, effective leaders, and you can create systems, you can forever automate and replicate your locations and be massively successful.

Odds are, if someone’s been doing this for 12 or 18 months and they’re not reaching their fullest potential of service and impact, it’s usually because they are doing work that they can pay somebody $20 an hour or less to do.

In other words, if you are a fitness business owner, you shouldn’t be working in the business, chasing down Mrs. Jones’s credit cards.

You should have an administrative admin who calls every client when their credit card is declined, and requests new payment information.

You shouldn’t be the one running the workouts. You might be the one programming the daily workouts, but you should have coaches and trainers who can run workouts better than you.

Why You Should Have Alien Abduction Manuals

If you have no systems, and you’re 16 months into running a business, odds are it’s because you’re doing work that is outside of your zone of genius.

So the solution to that is create what I called the Alien Abduction manual.

If an alien abducted me today, then there’s enough knowledge here where someone else who has leadership skills can run our Fit Body Boot Camp headquarters without ever missing a beat.

Every department lead, whether it’s in sales, operations, graphic design, video, you name it. They have a system.

And so anybody can be abducted, yet the machine keeps rolling.

And so more often than not, the person is likely lazy, and they just haven’t taken the time to document the process to scale their business.

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