The Game Is NOT Rigged (How You Can Build a Massively Successful Fitness Business NOW)

Way, WAY too often I see young fitness entrepreneurs and personal trainers saying that the game is “rigged” in our industry and there’s no way to make any money at it.

shell gameAnd I hear countless different versions of it…

“Can’t get any clients from Facebook anymore because the ads are too expensive and they keep changing the rules on me…”

“Price erosion is eating away my business and there’s no way to stop it…” 

“Nobody wants to stay in my boot camp long-term, they just want to drop 10 pounds and go get fat again…”

“Everyone who’s successful in the fitness industry already got their head start. There’s no more room for anyone new like me…”

And so on.

Let me brutally honest here…


The playing field is more level than ever before in our industry…and that means there’s really only one thing left that separates the winners from the losers…

And in a moment, I’ll tell you the ONE THING that makes a winner, but first I want to absolutely prove to you that the game is NOT rigged and that the doors to success are wide open! 

The Tools You Need Are Out There


It’s easy to take it for granted…but we are living in an age of borderline Star Trek technological power.

It seems like every day someone out there creates a new app which sounds so incredibly useful…but you never would have guessed someone could do that thing with an app.

My point is this: if you do the research, you can find the tools to build a more streamlined and cost-effective fitness marketing funnel than AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY!

For my younger readers out there…take it from me: you should be glad you didn’t have to live through the days of pre-Internet marketing.Tied up foot of briefs on a cyan background

The most effective tool back then was direct mail marketing. It was an awful, slow, unpredictable, chaotic, inefficient pain in the ass compared to modern day email and social media marketing.

But enough about that…

These days, if you want to bring a serious stream of clients into your boot camp you need an online funnel to turn prospects in your area into future clients beating on your door to come in and start training.

Now maybe you already know that, and you’ve got an email list with a decent number of people on it, and you’re keeping them engaged with content…AND they are buying your offers…

But it’s exhausting for you to find all that content and write all those emails!

In that case, I recommend you try my service, FitPro Newsletter, for just $1.

This is your number 1 tool for automating your email marketing. With list-building offers, an easy-to-use scheduling system, and HUNDREDS of done-for-your autoresponders and content emails, this is the ultimate “set it and forget it” tool to flood your bootcamp with clients with just a few clicks!

But maybe you’re totally clueless about online fitness marketing and have no idea where to start! Maybe you need someone to give you the tools AND carefully show you how to use them…

If that’s the case, you need to go check out Fitness Marketer TODAY! This is where my expert fitness marketing buddies will help you build Every. Single. Thing. You need to drive buckets of leads from Facebook into your boot camp.

Facebook ads, landing pages, autoresponders – they’ll explain how all of it works AND help you build your funnel in no time.

Speaking of…

Information is Everywhere


Even with today’s technology, there are parts of your business you just can’t automate. You have to just put your head down and grind it out.

Selling your training is probably the biggest one. You can’t just beam an expert fitness marketer like me into your office like a hologram to close clients for you (now THAT would be Star Trek level stuff.)

What you CAN do, though, is learn all of the same information that I have used to build my empire and start implementing it in your own business.

Brain in stormy clouds - conceptual brainstormHeck, if you just had a superhuman memory and ability to process information, you could do that for free! You would just need to absorb every single blog post, email, YouTube video, and article I’ve ever created.

Or, you can take the faster route and sign up for one of my laser-targeted information products.

For example, you could sign up for Close Clients and learn the EXACT selling system I developed and deployed throughout my career to keep a consistent closing rate of 9 out of 10 clients.

Or you could even sign up for one of my coaching programs like Fitness Business Ignition or 7 Figure Mastermind if you want more hands-on, personalized guidance.

My point here is that a lack of information IS NEVER YOUR REAL PROBLEM!

Information, more than ever in history, is everywhere, and it’s either shockingly cheap or it’s free.

Reminds me of how Seth Godin once said that any book is a “screaming bargain,” because you pay a tiny price for it, once, and it has the potential to change your life…maybe even multiple times!

And if I can be brutally honest once again…I bet there’s a big chunk of my readers right now who actually have TOO MUCH information.

I see these types all the time: content junkies. They read blog posts all day, watch videos all day, take online certifications and courses over and over…but never seem to get anywhere.

If you’re a content junky – I don’t blame you. Knowledge is extremely important to anyone’s success, and it’s easy to get addicted once you realize its power…

…but you still need that one crucial, timeless, life-defining factor that separates successful business owners (and HUMANS) from all the other guys that burn out or get left in the dust…

The One True Difference


Do you want to be in the top-performing circle of fitness entrepreneurs?

Do you have dreams of living on your own schedule, buying a big house, settling down with a family and giving your children access to the opportunities you never had?

Of course you do.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.Fire

So now that we both know what you want, let’s be honest about what it’s going to take.


Yes, you need the knowledge and the tools that I’ve been telling you about.

HOWEVER, those are all going to be useless to you if you don’t add action into the mix.

And I’m not talking about check box action, either.

When I say ACTION, I mean doing more than you think you are capable of, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, and working hard to GIVE value to others before you ask for anything in return.


Every day.

With discipline.

Because it’s the only thing that matters and the only thing that works.

Committed to your success,