My Birthday Gift to You (My 5 Secrets to Success)

It’s my birthday today!birthday balloons

Can you guess how old I am now?

The answer is…42!

And I was thinking about doing the same thing as usual, where I offer all my best client getting and profit boosting resources for a discount that’s the same percentage as my age.

But then I thought I could do even better than that.

I thought FIRST (but not only, make sure you stick around til the end) I could give you my top 5 secrets to success.

And when I say “success” here, I mean success in all areas of life. I mean in your business, in your friendships, in your physical and mental health, in your finances, everywhere.

These are, I think, some of the fundamentals of successful living. Incorporate these ideas into everything you do and you will lead an astoundingly high quality life.

And make sure you stick around after these secrets, because I have something else for you.


Secret #1: the Key to Management is Don’t Manage


To quote the rallying cry of office drones everywhere…

“Screw management!”

But unlike them, I don’t mean the people in charge.

I mean the act of management itself.

“Manage” is such a loaded word. It implies that you are controlling people and keeping them on a tight leash.

I can tell you, as the president of a hugely popular fitness boot camp franchise and owner of multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses, I have lead my various teams through some pretty extraordinary projects.

And the reason why my teams pull of such incredible work is that I don’t control them. In fact, I really give them a ton of freedom to complete their duties as they see fit.

The way I see it, if I’m going to hire someone to do something for me, they should be an expert in that area, and if they are the expert, I should trust them to make the best decisions.

Expert Advice on Multicolor Puzzle.What I do is explain the big picture to them and set our top priorities. Then I let my team use their own unique skills and expertise to get us there.

That’s not really “management.” That’s called leadership.

Of course, leadership only really works when you have a great team at your back…

Secret #2: Fire Fast, Hire Slow


This is how you build a great team to begin with, and how you build a great group of people in any area of life.

Whether it’s hiring for your business, or deciding which friends to hang out with, or even choosing a romantic partner, the key is to keep your standards high, demote or LEAVE people who don’t make the cut, and carefully introduce new people into your life.

Too many people get caught in the cycle of forgiving their employees, friends, and loved ones for hurting them over and over because they give them the benefit of the doubt or they are too comfortable with the way things are.

NEWS FLASH: if someone hurts you or doesn’t live up to your standards, they are OUT! They should have to bust their ass to prove they still deserve you, and it is ultimately YOUR decision on whether they stay. 

The truth is, we all make mistakes, but a high quality human knows when they’ve messed up and they do everything they possibly can to correct the situation…and they leave it up to the injured party to offer forgiveness or not.

Plus, you are the sum total of the people you spend the most time with. If you want to be a successful, honest, hard-working, happy, optimistic, healthy, charming, wealthy person, then you need to surround yourself with people who have those qualities.

That’s not to say you should just trust pretty strangers automatically. Scrutinize. Pay attention to how people ACT more than what they SAY.

Be friendly, and give without expectation of receiving…but be careful who you INVEST in.

When you invest time, energy, or money, you’re giving with the expectation of getting something back, so in that case you should pay attention to who has a habit of actually creating value for others instead of extracting it.

Secret #3: Follow the 5% Rule

5 percent 

On some level, most people already know which activities have the highest impact (good or bad) on their life.

For example, you know that your diet has an enormous effect on your physical shape and even your mental well-being, so you make sure to eat healthy.

And you also should know that the one thing that matters most in your business is sales. If you don’t close more clients and get more income, you can’t keep the lights on, you don’t get any opportunities, and you don’t get the lifestyle you want to live.

Out of all the tasks that need to happen to operate a business, only 5% of them directly lead to increased sales. You, as the entrepreneur, need to spend ALL of your time in that 5%. 

And also, you should spend your money on the 5% of things that actually lead to your personal development or make you happy. You should spend time with the 5% of people who add the most value to your life.


Secret #4: Appreciate What You Have at Every Step


It’s good to be hungry. It’s good to set massive goals and chase after them with absolute determination.

…But it’s totally possible to feel gratitude and abundance at every step of the journey.

Appreciate what you have, even when it doesn’t look like much. Really, deeply thank the people who help you, and give back to them.

Trust me: you will be so much more productive and efficient if you operate with gratitude and look to expand what you have instead of feeling entitled or bitter about what you don’t have.

Secret #5: Use Your Money to Make More Money


You should use every dollar you earn to create five more dollars (at least).

There are many different ways of doing this.

The most dependable way is to SAVE YOUR DAMN MONEY.

Open a savings account and contribute to it regularly, ESPECIALLY when you get a windfall and you’re tempted to go crazy with it.

Open up an IRA and contribute money to it every year, regardless of when/if you plan to retire.

You can also invest your money…which can mean many different things.

Usually, people think “invest” means buying stocks in the stock market, and that’s certainly one way to go…

…but people always forget that picking up the tools and resources that will get your more clients and boost your income ALSO COUNTS AS AN INVESTMENT!

You’re literally spending money on something now because you know that doing so will earn you a lot more money in the future. That is the textbook definition of an investment.

So speaking of investments…

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