What IS a Sales Funnel Anyway?

So…I may have jumped the gun last week.

I got so excited by the idea of assembling my ultimate sales funnel guide that I just charged in and started doing it!question marks

Of course, next thing I know I have a bunch you asking “But Bedros…what is a sales funnel?”

Whoops! Kind of an important detail there, isn’t it?

No worries: today I’m going to explain the “big picture” of a sales funnel so we’re all on the same page.

I’m going to make it super simple for you by explaining to you what a “funnel” is and how you can build one to get more leads, prospects and clients into your personal training gym or boot camp.



It’s actually pretty simple to picture a client getting funnel. I want you to picture a chain of events that take place that produce an outcome. In other words, a process.

For example: a “fitness funnel” that you might create for a client who wants to lose 30 pounds of fat in 3 months may look like this…

Work with the trainer 3-5 days a week >> Follow the nutrition plan >> Have a strong support system >> Follow this program for 90-days = Outcome, lose the 30 pounds in 3 months!

Simple enough, right?

So whether it’s fitness, fat loss, making money, or getting new leads and clients, a good funnel really starts off with the outcome in mind.

Now, let’s say that you want a constant flow of new CLIENTS into your fitness business…

Then you’d build a client getting funnel that you’d deploy on Facebook that looks something like this:

Lead Magnet >> Opt in >> Low Barrier Offer (LBO) >> Purchase >> to One Time Offer (OTO) = Prospective Clients

BTW, one of the fastest and easiest ways to build a fitness sales funnel is to use FitPro Autopilot – basically an easy to use, do-it-yourself funnel website making tool.


1) You run an ad on Facebook that offers something of value in exchange for an email opt in. That “something of value” is called your lead magnet.

For example your lead magnet offer could be a free home workout program, a digital recipe book full of fat burning meals, an opportunity to win free 6 months of training, etc…

Needless to say your LEAD MAGNET must be of high value so that someone is willing to give you their email address for it, hence the OPT IN.

2) Once they opt in they are a LEAD – and they now see a page that tells them that the thing they opted in for will be emailed to them shortly. In the meantime they’re offered a LBO (Low Barrier Offer) on that same page.

The LBO could be a 14-Day Fat Furnace for $47 or a 21-Day Rapid Fat Loss Program for $67 or a 28-Day Fat Belly Program for $97.

This is where they become a PROSPECT, when they purchase your LBO.

(NOTE: If you do one-on-one training, your LBO’s will be shorter in time and higher in price in order to get a more qualified prospect).

AND this is where you have the opportunity to work with them for a period of time and get them to fall in love with you and your program so that they’ll continue on after the LBO ends at full price.

3) The OTO or One Time Offer is VERY important and this is sold as a “one click up-sell” which pretty much means that after the person purchased your Low Barrier Offer they are now given a ONE time offer which they can “add to their order” with one simple click.

By the way, here’s an example of a real-world Facebook ad that has generated MASSIVE conversions:

21 Day Ad Example

And here’s a link to the landing page!

Now, the best OTO that I’ve tested and used to drive more clients into a gym or boot camp is the offer of “add a friend for only $10”.

This works especially well if you run group training or boot camp programs where you can simply add people to a group training program without it costing you more time and money.

And that’s how a funnel like the one below works…

Lead Magnet >> Opt in >> LBO >> Purchase >> OTO = 2 Prospective Clients

Now then, not everyone who opts in with their email address is going to purchase your LBO.

So in reality you’re going to have two segmented lists in your FitPro Newsletter account…

The first segmented list is a lead list (people who gave you their email address but DID NOT buy the LBO).

You’ll set them up on an email auto-responder where they’ll get an email with content, tips and LBO offers every other day for the next two weeks.

Your second segmented list will be paid prospects, in other words the folks who bought your Low Barrier Offer and now you’ll follow up with them to get them in to start their training.

Now, just selling a low barrier offer is not going to get you more clients.

Believe it or not some of these folks who buy your LBO are simply not going to come in, and that’s why you’ve got to use my Monster Follow Up process to get them in.

And once they’re in you’ve got to give them the “WOW” experience and then sell them on an ongoing training program…

…otherwise they’re simply going to do your Low Barrier Offer program and move on (which is NOT what you want).

What’s really cool about a funnel like this is once you dial in the right Facebook ad, with the right lead magnet and the right Low Barrier Offer, you’ll have a never ending funnel of leads and clients by simply throttling how much you spend on Facebook ads.

If the idea of building a funnel like this along with the Facebook ads and follow up auto-responders sounds too daunting for you and you’d rather have it all set up and installed for you then you’ll want to check out FitPro Autopilot. It’s my incredible easy-to-use, industry-specific program that will help you set up everything I just described.

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One last thing: here’s another FB ad and landing page example. SUPER HIGH CONVERTING! Study this one closely:

Transformation Challenge

And here’s the link to the landing page.

Committed to your success,