How to Create a Sense of Urgency in Clients

Do you have trouble closing clients?

You’re great at what you do, and you’ve got leads walking in the door pretty consistently. The problem is that these leads aren’t converting into paying clients. Most of them even compliment you on a great workout! So why aren’t they sticking around?

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailMaybe you’re not creating a sense of urgency in these prospects.

The trick is that you have to make potential clients feel like they need to sign up immediately. If they feel as though an opportunity is slipping through their fingers then they’ll be jumping to buy your program.

Today I’m going to give you some techniques on how to create this sense of urgency so that you can have clients rushing to sign up without you having to pull a hard close.

Hot Buttons 

One of the first things you should be asking a potential client is why they came to you. What was their driving force to begin exercising and losing weight? This is an important bit of information, and if you’re not asking, you’re missing out on an opportunity to close.

See, these “hot buttons” are great motivation for your leads to sign up and become a paying client. By using an emotional angle you can create a sense of urgency that’s a bit more personal.

Maybe your prospective client has a wedding soon and wants to lose weight? Or their doctor gave them some bad news about their health situation if they don’t drop some pounds soon? You need to discover this reason and use it to get them to stick around with you.

Of course, some leads aren’t always so willing to give this information up. There are always those that will simply say, “I want to lose weight.” Don’t let them get away with that. Ask them to clarify and get the emotional response out of them.

As soon as you have your answer you have to utilize it. Say to them, “Well it’s a good thing you came to me, I’ll make sure you see your 60th birthday healthy and happy.” Or something similar. You’ll light a fire under them, and they’ll feel more inclined to stay on as a paying customer because you are helping them with something that matters on a personal level.

Draw a Picture

Not really. You’re going to be drawing a picture with your words, though. Going off of the Hot Buttons, once you’ve found their source of emotional determination, you need to paint a picture for them.

“Imagine yourself looking amazing on your wedding night in your dress.”

“Think about how great you’ll look with those toned arms at your reunion party.”Girl bride shows her muscles strength and power

Now you have them visualizing it with you. You need to get them to see how great they will look and feel if they stay with your program.

Create a Time Line 

The next thing you should do also feeds off of the Hot Button technique. Once you’ve identified where their drive for fitness is coming from and painted a picture of where you can get them, you need to give them a time line.

Let’s say your prospect has a reunion in 4 months; that means you need to sit down with them and show them the progress they can make in that time. Let them know that it’s good they came to you so soon, because they’ll get to lose X amount of pounds in the first month alone!

But, you have to remind them, this is only if they sign up with you and start coming in consistently to utilize your nutrition and fitness plans. If you can lay out your exact plans for them and how much weight they could lose in whatever amount of time you have then they’ll feel as if their goal is more attainable than if you simply try to sign them with vague promises that they’ll get more in shape.

Lay out their fitness timeline with them and show them what they can accomplish in order to attain the goals they dream of. As soon as they see it can be accomplished with your help, they’ll be signing up for a membership. And if you can deliver the results you promised, they may even refer others to you.

Eliminate Objections Before They Come Up 

This next one is very important if you want to up your closing rate. Prospects often will come to you with objections on why they can’t buy your program immediately. Maybe they need to think about it, or they need to speak to their spouse, but whatever their reason The gaveldon’t let their objection hold them back.

To do this you need to get them to make a verbal statement to you before you even begin to talk about prices. Let them know that many people fail at their fitness goals because of how much they procrastinate. Ask them to promise you that they won’t procrastinate any longer on their own fitness journey. You can always use their Hot Button here to remind them why they shouldn’t be procrastinating.

Now that they’ve agreed that they do need to stop procrastinating it’s time to close them. As you present your pricing to them and see the objections begin to come up on why they need more time, remind them of what they just promised.

The point is that you want any prospect to sign up with you before they leave your gym or facility. If a prospective client walks away without converting to a client, you’re never going to see them again. This is why you need to remind them about what their goals are and how they need to stop procrastinating, otherwise they’ll never be able to reach them.

Utilize Emotion to Create Motion

I mentioned this earlier, but it’s an important point to drive home if you want to up your closing rate and create urgency in your prospects.

There is always an emotional response behind any decision you make for yourself. You were lonely when you bought a dog, or you were angry with your financial situation when you decided to strike out and create your own business. Whether positive or negative emotions, they are a driving force behind our decisions.

This is why you need to utilize the tips I have given you in order to light a fire under your prospects. If you know they’re scared for their health because they’re overweight, remind them of that and why they need to sign up with you. You’re trying to better this person’s life, but we know how stubborn people can be even when it comes to their health. Nudge them into wanting to sign up NOW and ensure a healthier future.

Committed to your success,