You Just Got Called Out. What Will You Do Now?

I think every fitness guru now thinks they’re an entrepreneur…A lot of the same DNA that means being great at working out and disciplined map to being an entrepreneur, yet I find a lot of people that are strong at working out every day don’t put the same vigor and work into their business, which I find very intriguing.

Don’t get mad at me, those aren’t my words.

That’s a quote from marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk, answering a question on a recent episode of his YouTube show. How successful is his internet marketing company?gary vee

Ask GE. Or Dove. Or Hasbro. Those are all former clients that have given them glowing case studies.

My point is that Mr. Vaynerchuk knows how to build a business and market a brand.

And he thinks it’s “intriguing” that so many of you can’t or won’t do it yourselves.

I don’t think it’s “intriguing.” I know exactly what’s going on and it’s heartbreaking.

And I want it to change.

Here’s what’s happening: you’ve turned your workout into busy work.

“But Bedros, how is that even possible? Aren’t you the one always saying I need to look the part?”

Yes, you do need to look the part. But odds are you already do, and you already know the most efficient way to stay in shape.

On your top 10 list of priorities, staying in shape is a 4 or 5. Successful people dominate their 1, 2, and 3. They NEVER let a 4 or 5 get in the way of those. 

With all due respect to Mr. Vaynerchuk, it’s time for you to prove him wrong…

So here’s how I’m going to change your situation and get you back on the path to DOMINATION: I’m going to look at the 1, 2, and 3 priorities of your business and lay out the things you can do right now to crush them.

Priority 3 – Create Human Billboards 


There are two ingredients you need to create a human billboard: amazing results and a referral.

TrainingObviously, you get the amazing results by doing what you do best: giving your clients the best training in town.

But without conditioning your clients to refer you to others, you don’t have a marketing strategy. 

A lot of newbie marketers make the mistake of thinking that referral generation is just a nice byproduct of having a good product…that it isn’t a core part of their marketing strategy.

The truth is that referrals are a crucial part of marketing IN ANY INDUSTRY. Referral generation helps you build the know, like, and trust factor, as I explain in Close Clients.

And in the fitness industry, frankly, a lot of prospects are tired of getting burned by scam products and fad diets. Their level of suspicion is already so high that they need a trusted peer to come in and tell them what really works.

So here’s how you can work on your referral generation right now: plan out a referral contest.

Decide how long the contest should run, figure out some reward for referrals (such as points toward winning a grand prize) write up your plan and then IMPLEMENT it as soon as possible.

Priority 2 – Market Your Business on Facebook


I’m always talking about how you need to identify your niche and dominate your market, and man, some of you have discovered some pretty specific markets…

But still, I think I can safely say that they are over 30 and have some disposable income (twenty somethings usually have more metabolism than money – not a hot market).

You know who else is focusing on that demographic? Facebook.

Facebook…for smart fitness marketers like you and I, Facebook is a blessing and a curse.

It’s a blessing because it has front-of-mind awareness with our target demographic…and a curse because it has really bizarre standards for what it will or won’t allow in advertising.

That’s why I’m always giving you Facebook marketing guides…so you can skip the painstaking experimentation that I went through and go right to what WORKS (spoilers: my Close Clients training program even includes a set of bonus videos JUST for Facebook.)BlueLike Hand

As you might imagine, there’s a whole science to Facebook marketing, but there is one thing you can always do to improve: interact.

Ask people to comment on your posts, reply to their comments, and make sure you or someone you can trust is answering any personal messages.

The whole point of marketing over social media is to make your brand appear relatable and human, so take the time to do it right.

Priority 1 – Close Your Clients


There’s a reason why this is your number one priority…

To quote Gary Vaynerchuk once again, “Sales are oxygen.”

In other words, sales are the one thing your business can’t live without. More sales mean more growth. More sales will solve ANY problem that might come up in your business. Seriously, ANY problem.

That’s why you need to bring a closing mentality to everything you do in your business.

That doesn’t mean asking for a sale every time you open your mouth…

But it does mean always expecting the next sale. Planning for it. Knowing you deserve it. Doing whatever it takes to get it. Remember that your end goal is ALWAYS a sale – doing “good enough” on any one task doesn’t matter if you aren’t closing more clients than yesterday.

See, this is partially a mindset trick – people get stuck in busy work when they refuse to see the big picture.

And the big picture is always going to be helping more people and earning yourself the freedom and happiness you deserve. The way you do that is always by closing more clients

It’d be nice if there was just one magical piece of advice that could turn you into a master closer…but the truth is it’s something you just have to keep working at every day. Keep generating leads, keep taking notes and honing your craft, keep consulting sales guides and coaching programs and you WILL dominate your market.

Time under tension, man. Just keep up the hustle and you will get the success you deserve.

Committed to your success,