How to Perfect Your Fitness Sales Systems to Bring In New Clients

Getting new clients to come in and workout at your boot camp or group training can be a tricky and sometimes time consuming thing to pull off. But it doesn’t always have to be. You just need good fitness sales systems in place. You already know how important marketing, lead generation, and hunting prospects are, but do you even know how to effectively put them to good use without wasting tons of time and money?

Well, I’ve been there, done that, and picked up a few tricks along the way…

Selling fitness doesn’t have to feel like selling when you have a killer system in place. Your fitness selling system should be so awesome that it makes it easy for prospects to say “yes” without hesitation or objection.

So here I thought I’d share some tactics that you can use to boost up your fitness sales system and get more clients who are serious about fitness coming through your door.

Tip #1:

The best way to overcoming an objection is to not have them in the first place.

When your prospects throw out objections like “I need to think about it”, “I need to talk to my partner”, or “I can’t afford it”, or even “I don’t have the time” what they usually mean is that they don’t believe what you have to offer is worth their money.

You see, it’s not ever really about the potential client not being able to pay, but it’s about their desire to pay that makes all the difference.

Boot camps and group training have gained a lot of popularity over the years, and most people who are interested know a little bit about the costs involved. They realize that they’re not paying for a gym membership or personal training, but something much more unique.

However, if these prospects decide that you’re not worth the money you charge, they’ll start to show “buyer’s resistance” and throw out every objection in the book. This can be difficult to overcome sometimes.

So with that being said, one of the things you need to be focusing on when perfecting your fitness sales system is to be consistently demonstrating higher value from the very get-go to the time the sale is made, and within every workout in between. You will have serious client retention problems if you don’t

Here are some of the best ways to demonstrate higher value:

– Maintain a clean and neat facility. This is so simple and very easily over looked, but so vital to retaining clients. Clean facilities make good first impressions, they smell good (not like a bunch of people just worked out), and are free from loose wires and paint chipping off the walls. It’s been said that within the first 45 seconds of meeting someone new, they’ve already decided if you’re worthy of doing business with or not. What kind of first impression does your facility say about you?

– Stack the proof. Prove that you can give your clients results by posting testimonials on social media sites like Facebook. Show before and after photos. I teach my coaching clients to go all out and get 20-30, or more before and after testimonials so that it sets you apart and will prove once and for all that YOU are the expert and go-to person for fat loss and fitness in your area.

– Exceed expectations instantly. It doesn’t matter if your potential client is trying your facility for just one workout or for an entire week you should always strive to exceed their expectations in every way. Deliver the “wow” factor and treat them as if they’re already one of your best paying customers. Bring the fun, energy, and make every single workout the “workout of a lifetime”.

– Develop a well-structured fitness sales system so that when it’s time for collecting the money you’re more likely to get a “yes” instead of objections.

Tip #2:

As soon as you understand that not everyone out there is qualified to be your client, the faster your business will improve.

Keep in mind that it’s a huge mistake to drop your prices to get new clients, and worst of all, the kind of clients that you end up with when you go that route is usually the kind that causes the most grief. The “low price” clients are the ones who get the worst results, complain and argue, and just throw off the all around good vibe that you have going for your facility.

To prevent that “low cost” client from destroying your hard work, and to make every sales pitch you do end up with a “yes” pre-screen and pre-qualify your prospects.

In other words, separate the suspects from the prospects.

Pre-screen your potential clients to set expectations, see if they’re capable of paying, and to overcome their objections early on.

Pre-qualifying should happen face to face, before you even start selling to them. Get to know them a little and recommend programs that will suite their fitness levels, so as not to confuse them with the different programs you might offer. Overcome objects at this point by simply asking: “If at the end of the workout today we decide that we’d be a good fit in getting you to your fitness and fat loss goals, is there anything that might stop you from making the decision to start today?”

It’s always a smart idea to get rid of any objections before they even happen. It’s a great way to be consistently closing and getting new clients through your door.

Perfecting a fitness sales system may take some time to craft, but the benefits are completely worth it. It’s the only way to overcome objections, repel lousy clients, and to save time and frustration, but most importantly make you more money.