Why 9 out of ten clients would rather go to a fitness franchise than to a no name fitness center

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Ever wonder why the big fitness franchise is always so busy and the stand-alone operations seem to lack the same volume of members? Here are 9 reasons that 9 out of ten clients would rather go to a fitness franchise than a no name fitness center.

1. Consistency

A branded franchise is going to be able to provide a client with a level of consistency that no independent center is going to be able to provide. Most people when joining a fitness center want some level of predictability. Before they even open the door they want to know what to expect. This is a popular reason that most people choose a fitness franchise over a no name fitness center.

2. Trust

People begin to trust certain environments and they develop a level of trust through brand recognition. Having a name that people across a region or country have heard of is an important element in building trust with clients. People simply trust a franchised operation more than they trust a no name operation. There is a sense of accountability in a recognized name.

3. Popularity

The popularity within the community is often a reason that people choose a fitness franchise. Many people choose a fitness facility based on the recommendation of their friends, family and coworkers. Since franchises tend to have more than one location, they are recommended more often. Franchises are recognized more often because of the large amounts of territory that they control. This makes them immensely popular and is a primary reason they are chosen over the no name facility.

4. Advertising

Franchises have access to more advertising dollars. Not only do they have access to the higher budgets for advertising but they have the ability to give higher quality advertising per location because of the volume of locations seeking advertising. Though customers may not recognize it as a reason they signed with a franchise, it is a strong reason people visit the franchise locations.

5. Community

The sense of community that people get from belonging to national clubs is an important feature in their attractiveness to clients. Many big fitness franchises offer Facebook community sites as well as their own webpages. Access to the external community is a big attractive feature of a franchise operation.

6. Equipment

Franchises have better buying power than independent gyms. This increase in buying power is a reason that people choose a franchise over an independent gym. Why? They usually have nicer and newer equipment. The nicer and newer equipment is a huge reason that clients prefer to go to a fitness franchise over a no name facility.

7. Bragging rights

This may seem like a silly reason to most people. The ability to brag about which gym one goes to is a big reason that people choose a franchise over a no name center. This is especially true when the franchise is one that has a tough reputation, or a fun reputation. People like to be able to show off. The name of their gym is one way that they get to show off.Fitness Franchise

8. Accessibility

There is nothing worse for a client on a dedicated training program than leaving on a business trip. It can be beyond difficult to find a gym that permits visitors to have access to their facility temporarily. The appeal of a franchise is that the accessibility goes way up. Most fitness franchises have nationwide locations and have the option that their members can access any facility at any time. This gives clients the ability to continue their fitness regime without interruption no matter their training schedule.

9. Cost

The cost to join a fitness franchise is usually lower than joining an independent gym. This is a big attractor of clients. Keeping health club dues low means that they can use their income in other areas of their life.

These 9 reasons are why most people prefer to join a fitness franchise rather than a no name establishment. It is important when considering whether or not to open a franchise or go it alone what the clients want. If you can provide all of the above as an independent establishment then you may be able to compete against the big franchises in your area.

Why owners prefer to franchise

Chances are that as an independent owner you will not be able to offer all of the things that clients look for when seeking out a fitness club. This is one reason why many people choose to go with a franchise when opening a fitness club or boot camp. Not only do fitness franchises offer a benefit to the clients but they offer a benefit to the owners.

Owners of fitness franchises are able to keep costs low because of the support system that the franchise has set up. Many marketing materials are already established by the franchisor. This cuts down on the money that comes out of pocket for marketing. Most fitness franchises also participate in ongoing search engine optimization. This ensures that the name of the franchise is one that is easily found and recognized. This constant refinement of keywords increases the popularity and trustworthiness of the brand through increased visibility on the internet.

Access to real estate support can keep the costs of finding a location down for the business owner. This is a way that the franchisor helps save both the client and the owner money even before the doors open. They also provide access to discounted leasing and buying terms on the equipment in the gym. The decrease in overhead is seen a increased profit by franchise owners, and it is seen as an decrease in membership dues for clients.

A franchise is a roadmap for clients as well as for business owners. It provides a plan that each party can follow. Each expectation is understood by all parties and easier to meet for everyone. Franchising gives everyone what they want. Clients get consistency, low costs, a name that they can trust and much more. Owners of the fitness franchise gain access to invaluable support systems.

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