Phone and Email Conversion Scripts For Trainers

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT and HOOK UP coming your way soon

If you’re a follower of this blog, a subscriber to my emails or a client or customer – prepare for two cool things coming your way soon. The first is a BIG announcement, one that’s going to change the way you get clients. An automatic system that literally plucks the lowest hanging “fruit” for you.

This thing is going to be awesome becuase YOU don’t even need to lift a finger. The way I’ve created it (truthfully, I paid a ton of money to some really smart experts to create this “machine” for me) makes it super easy and automatic in that you just simply pass it on over to your admin, assistant, or virtual assistant and they plow through it and “machine” gets you new clients, one’s that you were previously not even aware of, clients who were sitting there waiting to pay and get training from you.

Others in the past have tried creating something like this… but in the end it was too complicated, priced way too high for most fitness trainers to afford, and they lock you into paying for this SIMPLE thing on a monthly recurring basic – and truthfully the systems out there now just plain suck.

But I (by I, I mean my team of brilliant minds who’s actions I always take 100% credit for) created THE perfect “machine”. And you’re gonna have the opportunity to get it and use the “machine” to systematically get new clients into your training or boot camp business each and every day. Soon, really soon =)

PLUS, I’m working on an awesome “hook up” for you that will be ready for you in a week or so. Again, more of my BEST and PROVEN Client Getting, Sales, Referral Generation, and Fitness Marketing systems for you at your finger tips. More on that “hook up” soon.


This past weekend at the Fit Body Boot Camp Freedom Workshop in San Diego I spent a ton of time teaching two thing:

1. A closing script and system specifically crafted for boot camp owners and operators.

2. The ONE THING that is the most overlooked and grossly mangled system that personal trainers totally screw up. (Don’t feel bad, I used to totally mess this up too and it was killing my appointment setting and closing BIG TIME… until I discovered the solution.

See, the BIG PROBLEM I’m referring to is when people call you on the phone or email you and want to know more about your business, what you offer and what it costs. THAT’S where it all goes down hill becuase most trainers don’t have a script and so the consultation, trial session (or week) and appointment is NEVER set, and a client is lost.

But here’s the solution. In this video I give you the script to use and teach you how to set the appointment EVERY TIME.

Enjoy the video =)

If you got a lot out of this post and video, let me know by leaving a comment below.

And if I see a lot of comments and interest on this topic I’ll do more posts on conversion scripts and systems for you. Fair, enough?