Who’s On Your Speed Dial?

Hey Bedros here,

Hope you’re doing awesome and that your training business is kicking ass. Things are rock’in here at the Keuilian HQ with the Fit Body Boot Camp world conference and Fitness Business Summit just days away.

Plus, next month I’ll be making a BIG announcement that going to be another industry game changer. This is going to be HUGE for your training and boot camp business.

More on that in a few weeks…

I’ve got a killer guest blog post for you today… It’s by Leanne Ellington, she’s one of my 7 figure mastermind coaching clients, she’s also the youngest in the group (in her twentys, AND she’s simply killing it in her boot camp to the tune of multiple six figures…. You’re gonna get some killer gems and nuggets here in just a moment.

Who’s On Your Speed Dial?

I just got off the phone with the one and only Joshua Carter. We rapped about business and our latest marketing tactics, and then we did a little brain swap. I gave him some extra content for a killer information product he’s working on with Bedros, and he let me “borrow” a bit of copy that he has on one of his client agreements so that I can add in a new upsell to my current ascension ladder.

It was mutually beneficial for both of us, and a damn good time!  Our conversations are never dull, boring, or lacking “that’s what she said” comments that most 12-year-old teenage boys would appreciate.

A couple days ago, I was on the phone with Seven Figure Sam.  He was tutoring me on his latest software program for fitness pros, and I was giving him feedback, tweaks, and a personal testimonial for the product.

Just like my subsequent phone convo with Josh, the energy was sky high. I got off the phone smiling, pumped up, motivated, and ready to take over the world. Oh but don’t worry, there were plenty of points of immaturity and laughter because…well…that’s how we roll.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being able to call these guys my great friends—people that I know I could come to with a problem, that I know I could trust with anything, that would take a bullet for me—as I would for them.

But more importantly it’s so friggen’ cool to be able to have people in my life that share the same mindset—the same hairy aggressive goals —the same unquenchable desire to do big things, change lives, and build not just a business but a true EMPIRE.

Sure we are at different points in our businesses, live completely different lives, and have different interests. Josh loves to watch episodes of GLEE and sing karaoke. Sam likes to bedazzle his t-shirts and button-downs with colorful gems and jewels. And I like to record all of this on video and use it for blackmail purposes against them. To each his own I guess…

But here’s my point:

We are directly influenced and affected by whomever we surround ourselves with. Ever hear that statement that your income is directly proportional to the income of your 4 closest friends? It’s totally true, but it doesn’t’ just stop at income levels. Your attitude, outlook on life, magnitude of goals, lifestyle, health, self-confidence, and countless and endless other factors are also directly related to who and what you surround yourself with.

So who’s on your speed dial? Who are you choosing to surround yourself with? And what are you going to do to actively seek out positive and awesome forces to surround yourself with? Cause trust me when I tell you that like-minded, self-motivated, committed, confident, loving, and I-will-stop-at-nothing-to-set-the-world-on-fire people are hard to come by. YOU HAVE TO SEEK THEM OUT.

How did I do it? I joined a mastermind…and then another one….and a phone one…and now a facebook one. In the words of Dustin Maher, I might be somewhat of a “mastermind whore” for joining so many, but I have insane amounts of applicable knowledge, an actual business (notice I didn’t say job), and literally 8 times the income I did before I joined them.  I’d withstand being called a lot worse things for that, wouldn’t you?  =)

Now that little rant is over, I wanna leave you with a couple golden nuggets that I took away from my past two mastermind meetings in Vegas. Holy Crap! Just taking action on these things has already yielded me more freedom, more leverage in my biz, and more predictable income. So who would I be to keep them a secret from you guys?

Golden Nugget #1: I’m lazy and so are you!

During one of the meetings, Bedros had us pull out a piece of paper and jot down every single task that takes place in the day-to-day operations of our businesses. You name it—content creation, billing, admin stuff, retention, marketing, video editing, buying supplies, EVERYTHING. Then he had us go through the list and identify our 5% — the things that only we are capable of doing.  This process wasn’t a special “ah-ha” moment for me, because we talk about our 5% all the time. The thing that did strike me however was when Bedros more or less asked us if the reason we were still doing the trivial, outsource-able tasks was because we were simply being too lazy to systematize the task, document the system, and train someone else to do it.


Bam! Ah-ha moment! I was being too lazy to put forth the effort to outsource more and focus on my true 5%. So whaddya think? Are you being lazy in that respect too?

Golden Nugget #2: Isolation Island

How many times in the past week alone have you sat down to do something and got distracted by a phone call, an urge to check your email, a door-to-door salesman stopping by to sell you something, your dog looking at you with the “I have to pee” eyes, a friend or significant other guilting you into quality hangout time instead of working… or any other possible distraction or fire to put out for that matter?

Craig “I can sum up anything in one word” Ballantyne is one of the smartest dudes I know. So when he speaks, I listen. And when he gives business advice, I REALLY listen. Craig (who co-runs the Fitness Info Mastermind with Bedros) suggested that we bite the bullet, rent out a conference room at a hotel, and stay there until we get the job done—so there’s no way to possibly get distracted or side-tracked. Whether you have an entire info product to create or a million and one individual tasks, just get out of your normal surroundings, experience a little bit of pain (paying $500 for a hotel conference room should do the trick), and just get your shit done! Friggen’ brilliant idea don’t ya think?

I actually did this a little while back. I rented a beautiful condo at the beach for the weekend and got sooooo much done. Not only was I able to have the smell, sound, and beauty of the ocean, I was away from anyone and anything to distract me. Works like a charm.

Golden Nugget #3: Work hard. Play hard.

Okay, so this one wasn’t blatantly put in front of me at one of the meetings– I had to personally come to this conclusion myself. But I would be lying if I said that a couple of fun nights out in Vegas with my mastermind buddies didn’t drive this one home for me =)

I admit that I tend to be a bit of a workaholic. With the exception of working out, I rarely turn off my “business mind”, and honestly even when I’m working out those wheels are still turning.

One day (fairly recently actually) I realized:  How the hell am I supposed to enjoy this awesome entity that I have built for myself if I never take the time to actually enjoy it? I was so busy being a workaholic that I never actually took the time to enjoy the fruits of my labor!

So what did I do? I booked a trip to Colorado—somewhere I had always wanted to explore but never took the time. Then I proceeded to allot at least one day each week and enjoy all the awesome things, people, and potential experiences in my life….every single week.  And I have another awesome adventurous trip planned for June…and I’m planning an overseas trip for the end of the year. Oh yea, and in the meantime I’m living it up and enjoying my life—not just working my life away.

Don’t get me wrong, working on my biz is a lot of fun to me. I love it! But I needed that wake up call to realize that I also needed that balance in my life—I needed to have those non-business things in my life to keep me human—to keep me sane. It’s all about balance.

Hope you got some stuff you can apply to your business from these “Golden Nuggets”. I’m guessing they’ll be just as beneficial to you as they were to me.
Hope to see you at Fitness Business Summit!

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