Operation Ballantyne’s Day

Since it’s “Ballantyne’s” day and all…

… and since my compadre from Canadia, Craig Ballantyne is so damn brilliant, I thought it best to share with you some his (what I consider) best content.

You may already know that Craig and I run the 100K Fitness Info Mastermind Group together, but what you may NOT know is how much fun we have together while running our mastermind group and teaching fitness trainers how to create kick ass fitness info products and sell them online.

For example, just ten days ago, in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel (where we were holding out mastermind) I hired I “little” person to run up and kick Craig in the nuts.

Here’s the aftermath…

And here are two of my favorite posts/emails from CB (even if you’re not an info marketer, this post can help you get more perspective and add more revenue to your personal training or boot camp business.

The 10 Pillars of Internet Independence

My “10 Pillars for Internet Independence”.

Yeah, I know, that’s a lot of freaking pillars, but we’re building a
massively strong foundation.

1 – Ruthless Time & Energy Management

When I was a full-time personal trainer working on my internet business, I
would get up at 4:30am to work for 20 minute before heading to my first 6am

And in those focused 20 minutes, I was able to get 2 hours of work done.

With an internet business, where people work at home/on their own schedule,
people can have amazing ideas, PPC skills, great copywriting ability, etc.,
but if they can’t implement, take action, and get the work done, they’ll

That’s why ruthless time & energy management is my first pillar. You’ll need
to learn to organize, prioritize, stick to deadlines, and delegate.

Here’s a great line I read from my favorite small business mentor, Dan
Kennedy: “Always ask yourself ‘where’s the profit in this’?”

For example, there are times I’ve read one of Bedros’ articles and then I
spend 10 minutes reading the comments. There is no profit in that. So I need
to stay focused. You’ll need that too. Always be asking yourself that

Great resource: Dan Kennedy’s books, “Ruthless Management of People and
Profits” and “No BS Time Management” (all his books are worth getting).

2 – Value Creation

Bedros always makes a great case for this, and just yesterday I got a
newsletter from Kennedy where he summed it up perfectly:

“It is infinitely easier to become a millionaire by becoming the kind of
person deserved of being a millionaire and likely to sustain being a
millionaire, than it is to pursue just the million dollars.”

Discover your Unique Ability (read Dan Sullivan’s books for more about this)
and create value for the world.

3 – Passion plus Products plus Personality = Profit

People buy from people they know, like and trust. They want to do business
with someone who has a personality they connect with.

People follow people that are passionate about their subject (Peter is a
great example of this with his Gluten-Free Society.)

And being able to create more products allows you to create more value for
current clients and offers a new avenue to get additional clients into your

4 – Have a BIG IDEA that serves a hungry niche market

Almost all markets are crowded, but that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

You will need to create something that has a unique hook, something that
allows you to stand out from the others in your marketplace.

That’s why it’s so important, as a friend said, to “FOCUS on on thing that
interests you or that you can really get passionate about. If you don’t LOVE
what you are marketing, then you’ll quickly get bored and quit.”

The entire process won’t be easy…it’s relatively simple, but not easy. And
if people don’t love their chosen topic, they tend to quit when things get

5 – 1000 Customers gives you $100,000 per year

Fortunately, it doesn’t take a million clients to create a 6-figure income.

Resource: Kevin Kelly’s essay on 1000 True Fans

=> http://www.kk.org/thetechnium/archives/2008/03/1000_true_fans.php

If you have 1000 clients per year at $100, that’s $100K. Now it’s easier to
repeat sell to clients (i.e. a membership site like this one) than to get
1000 new clients every year, so consider that as you plan your business.

6 – Consistent & clear communication as a credible personality

Another Dan Kennedy line, “Be a welcome guest, not an uninvited pest.”

Again, it comes back to doing something you love, and communicating with
your readers with passion and personality.

There’s nothing wrong with following a few gurus, and in fact I recommend
being on the email list of Kern, Deiss, and Yanik Silver, but as Yogi Berra
said, “You can observe a lot by watching.”

Take a few minutes extra every day to study your favorite author’s
communication style, and then insert your own personality, and then practice.

I’ve written over 2000 emails to my readers, and with each one I get better
and better (I hope!).

Of course, with the rise in internet video capabilities, you may do better
with video content if that suits your personality.

7 – Track & Test

Whether you choose to become an SEO expert, a PPC expert, a Product Launch
expert, etc., make sure you are committed to tracking and testing your
efforts. Numbers don’t lie.

The most successful guys in the fitness info industry watch their numbers
like hawks…the beginners who struggle tend to ignore this aspect of their
business and then wonder why nothing is working.

8 – Movement & Mission

Build your business based on a Movement and a Mission. Again, use SM as a
reference point. It’s clearly a movement with a mission to help people take
control of their lives.

As you research your niche market and plan your products, take a few minutes
to also consider how you can turn your message into one based on a Movement
with a Mission.

For my fitness business, our mission is to help 1 million men and women
transform their bodies and their lives by 2020. The book “Good to Great”
will help you set, what it calls, a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal”.

Resources: Rockefeller Habits (probably the best business book I’ve read)
and Good to Great

Always consider your 50-year legacy vs. making a quick buck.

9 – Network

Obviously, you are all on the right track with this one.

Like it or not, “Who you know” is often more important than what you know.

I also go to at least 6 marketing seminars each year (two Dan Kennedy
events, Yanik’s Underground seminar, Ryan Deiss’ traffic event, a fitness
info event, and whatever other random events popup). Those are all high
quality events. Sure some things are sold at those, but there is worthwhile
content AND you’ll meet a lot of good people willing to help you out.

So network inside AND outside your industry.

10 – You must have a “I will succeed come hell or high water attitude”

Of all the fitness experts I’ve coached, every one of the top success
stories had an attitude – right from the start – that nothing was going to
stop them from succeeding.

Ol’ Yoda had it right…”Do or do not. There is no try.”


The Email

Yesterday, as I drove my rented Mazda-3 from Toronto to my house in
the country, I listened to a CD interview between marketing experts,
Bill Glazer and Matt Bacak.

They covered affiliate marketing, and focused on the benefits, such
as that you don’t need to create any products or pay for fulfillment,
but you can still make lots of money.

And that’s true.

Affiliate marketing can be very lucrative, without the headaches of
a traditional info product business.

In fact, affiliate marketing is a significant part of my business,
and lots of Internet Independence readers have been asking how to
adapt my $100K in 12 Months plan to affiliates.

So I’m going to show you that today.

Now in my business, I’m very picky with who and what I promote (I
recommend only about 6 products), but it’s still possible to make
$100K in 12 Months by doing ONLY affiliate marketing.

In fact, if I ever wanted to “retire” from the work of creating my
own fitness products, I know that I could slip away to a beach in
Thailand, work only 4-5 hours per WEEK, and make a “King’s ransom”
through affiliate marketing.

You can too, if you use a system. Fortunately, the $100K affiliate
formula is not much different than what I outlined last week.

So just follow these steps and you’ll succeed:

1) Know Your Potential Customer

This is the exact same first step that you’d do if you were creating
your own product. In both cases, you MUST know the hopes and fears
of your prospect. Just in case you missed it, here’s the link to
that avatar exercise from last week:

=> http://internetindependence.com/100k-in-12-months-part-1

2) Promote the Right Product

You still need to promote an excellent product, the only difference
is that you don’t have to create it. But it still needs to be a great
product, one that sells well and has a low refund rate.

And here’s a BIG tip:

I recommend that you start with a product that has changed YOUR life.
That way, it is easy for you to honestly recommend the product from
the bottom of your heart.

After all, if you try and recommend something that you don’t believe
in, just so you can make some money, you are DOOMED from the start.
Of course, you already knew that.

Also, if you can find a product that offers “recurring billing”, and
therefore recurring commissions, go for it!

With each subsequent billing, it will give you more money without
requiring any extra work.

3) Get Traffic

Being an affiliate has positives and negatives.

On the bright side, you don’t have to worry about recruiting other

But on the down side, that means you have to get ALL of your
traffic yourself.

So you’ll need to spend extra time developing your skills in paid
advertising or Search Engine Optimization.

If you aren’t generating traffic, you can’t be an affiliate.

4) Build a List

Building a list is not mandatory, because you can buy Facebook ads
or banner ads and send traffic directly to an offer.

But if your plan is to create an affiliate review site or blog, you
should not only try to sell products to your visitors, but you must
also capture their email information so you can follow up via email.

5) Write Great Sales Emails

An affiliate with excellent copy-writing skills is going to make
more money than other affiliates. Pretty simple truth.

6) Test and Track

You’ll probably need to spend MORE time testing and tracking your
results as an affiliate, because you’ll likely be running several
offers at once to find out which offers work best.

7) Network

You will also need to stay in constant contact with vendors who have
top selling products. You’ll want to know when they are planning
product launches so you can time your efforts to work with them for
maximal sales. Fortunately, a good vendor will also contact you.

8] Time Management/Customer Service

Expect customers to come to you with refund requests, even though
you don’t sell the product. You’ll need someone in place to handle
this tech support. Plus, like everyone else, you’ll have to find
your best working schedule.

As I alluded to at the start, eventually you’ll be able to make a
CEO’s salary with affiliate marketing, but first you have to have a
list and email writing skills, and someone to do the tech support.

Eventually, you’ll have the system in place so your only tasks will
be to promote the offers and cash the checks.

9) The Right Attitude

You have to accept that the road to the no-shoe wearing, beach-bum
affiliate lifestyle is paved with jagged rocks, stinging jellyfish,
sharp coral reef, and possibly even a broken bottle or two.

There will be good days, great days, bad days, and horrific days.


…if you have the right attitude, outlined in my original series,
you’ll smile no matter what kind of day it is, because you accept
that you are 100% “in”, and you’re going to achieve the affiliate
lifestyle dream no matter what.

Just remember to “Never, ever, EVER give up.”

10) Consider Creating Your Own Product

Along the way, you will probably find that people will be asking YOU
to create a product. After all, being an affiliate also shows you
what sells and what doesn’t, so it’s great “market research” for
future product creation.

Weigh the pro’s and con’s. It might be worth your effort.

11) Create a Movement

Even as an affiliate, you can create your own “Movement” and promote
a mission. As I showed you yesterday, you can become a leader simply
by doing “The Blog Post of a Lifetime”.

So if you’re going to be an affiliate who builds a list and writes
emails, I highly recommend making your mark with a “flagship article”.

Build trust with your prospects by becoming known as an honest, no-BS
authority figure, and you can achieve financial independence and
freedom with affiliate marketing.

Back to work,

Craig Ballantyne

“Take a look at your goals. Are you truly serious about them? If not,
either delete them and save yourself the headache and heartache, or
get serious about them and spend two hours this weekend planning out
how you’ll achieve them. If you’re not willing to spend two hours
working on your goals, then see question one above.”

Hey, Bedros here again…

Like I said, Craig is one of the smartest and most talented guys I know in the information and internet marketing space – AND I KNOW A LOT OF HIGH ROLLERS. I’m proud to call him a friend and business partner, and even though he can be super crusty at times and chooses to be socially awkward at the strangest of times there’s no one else I’d turn to for launching my fitness info product to massive success (other than me of course 😉 )

To get more Ballantyne Brilliance check out his most awesome blog HERE