Deal Of The Day Domination

Hey, Bedros here 🙂

Ever hear of Groupon, Living social, Buy With Me, or other deal of the day sites?

What you probably don’t know is that these sites can be magical at getting your boot camps filled with clients and at getting a nice chunk of money in your pocket FAST.

But to get it right, you have to know what you’re doing otherwise you’ll have mess on your hands and a crap ton of people wanting to workout with no place to put them all.

With that said… I’m going to have one of my coaching clients take it from here and tell you how he kills it with Groupon.


Hey awesome trainers!  This is Dustin Maher, from Madison, WI.  I am one of Bedros clients in the 7 Figure Mastermind and  his Fitness Info Mastermind group.


I am also going to be speaking at Fitness Business Summit 11 next month.  You really need to be there if you haven’t already registered because the line up of presenters are out of this world!


Just two years ago I was an attendee at FBS and at the time I was making about $8,000/month… just two years later I’m making nearly $50,000 month from my 11 fitness boot camps and info business – best of all I only work about 13 hours a week in my boot camps these days.


So when you make the small investment to attend FBS11, be sure to come up and introduce yourself, okay?


Now, the reason for this blog post…


A question I get asked often is how I can so easily pack out my 11 bootcamp locations (14 different time slots), with very little effort and no advertising dollars.


There are many answers to this question, but the one I want to focus on today is Groupon since there’s so much buzz about it, but most trainers are going about it all wrong.


In fact, I would consider myself a Groupon expert regarding the whole sales process.


Groupon told me that I have generated the highest profit ever for Groupon in the fitness niche by using their $ per subscriber formula.


I have run 6 Groupons events so far, 2 for my bootcamps and 4 for my DVDs.  I was also the first and only one that I am aware of, to get my DVDs on Groupon.  Today I am going to focus on the bootcamps and take you through all of the small details that add up to a huge Groupon day and then how to convert them.


Of course I am using Groupon as the example, but you could do this with any of the daily discount sites out there. The key is to blow it out of the water so that Groupon loves you so much that they keep begging you to run your promo again.  I have such a good relationship with Groupon, that I actually charge other businesses a fee for getting on Groupon.


Here are my “Deal of The Day” domination strategies for you.


The deal itself

1. This is the biggest mistake I see trainers make, they give the biggest discount possible and have it be something like $20 or $39 for a month.  This will definitely get a lot of sales, but the quality of the person will be much poorer.  The first time I ran I did $39 for a month and sold 400.  Only 200 ever used it, and about 25 converted to 6 or 12 month contracts.


2. I just ran it again at $69 for a month and this time got 280 and much more quality people that will convert better.  Negotiate with Groupon to the highest price possible.  Then you will get more serious buyers.



3. Try to add more value to the program, throw in some menu plans or an assessment or group talk.  Something so you can increase the value, so that when you discount it, the % discount is very large.



How To Promote The Deal


1. About a week before your promo, you will receive the link to your page to make sure the information is correct.  You will also have access to the discussion page.  Right away post a message welcoming everyone to your deal and just making people feel good.  Tell them that you will be on all day answering questions and that there might be some people sharing their success stories with everyone else.


Here is an example:


Make sure to screen capture these to use later as testimonials.


2. Let your list know about 4-5 days before the deal about being featured.  Build it up and tell them that it would mean a lot to you if they could take a minute and share their stories with everyone about how bootcamp has helped them out.  In return you will offer them a bonus, I used an expert interview I did with one of my mastermind members.


3. The night before the deal email your list again reminding them to post on the discussion page, but now ask them to post the link on their facebook page.  Also challenge everyone to post on 5 of their friends walls about the deal and personally invite them to join.  If they do this, offer another bonus.



4. The day of the deal email out everyone letting them know it is live, since the deal is only good for first timers, encourage those on your list who haven’t ever come before to sign up, and encourage those who are current bootcampers to invite their friends.


5. Post tons on Craigslist, Facebook, twitter, and anywhere else you can think of.



6. Schedule your TV and radio appearances for that day and announce the deal on air (if you have an “in” with local TV or radio).


The Follow Up


This is where the real genius (ok I am a little bias) comes into play.


1. The day after the deal immediately email your list and thank everyone for their support and tell them that your email was flooded with requests overnight to get the deal, because they missed out on the midnight deadline.  Tell them that you want to be fair, so you are letting people sign up for the next 48 hours using your link to your shopping cart (since Groupon is over).  This alone brought me in an extra $7,000, and the nice part is that I keep 100% of it, plus they are automatically put on EFT.


2. The second day after the deal, remind them that tonight is the last time that their friends can get in on the Groupon deal and also put in a couple testimonials in the email about your bootcamps.



3. When the Grouponers sign up, they must visit a hidden page to get their free meal plans, this is the first time you actually collect their email address.  Make sure you do this and get them on your email list.  Right when they sign up, I upsell them to my DVDs.


4. In that first welcome email, give them all the details about the bootcamp and how they go about signing up for their first class.  THIS IS IMPORTANT: In that email tell them since your bootcamps are so full and in demand they must put down their CC to reserve their spot.  They won’t get charged, but they can print the receipt for $0 and bring it to class.  Explain that they will have 30 days of bootcamp and when they decide they want to continue, do nothing and they will get billed the low monthly rate of $XXX.  If for some crazy reason you feel like you can get better results on your own, just email us and let us know that you won’t be continuing and we will stop your membership, and you will not be billed.



5. Since you know when they started, in your autoresponder send them an email at about week 2-3 asking how things are going and giving them a special offer to join your 6 or 12 month program.  I give 2 free weeks to anyone who joins the long-term programs.





So there you have it!  My system for making Groupon love me, generate a nice up front sum of cash, and then convert them to long term clients.


I believe using Groupon is a huge advantage; it helps get the word out to a massive amount of people.  I had about 9,000 visitors come to my site each time my deals have been run, with a couple hundred joining my newsletter.


I also sell a couple thousand dollars worth of DVDs to these Grouponers, in the upcoming week or two increasing my bottom line and helping more people.  This is why you are crazy not to use Groupon and not to have some workout DVDs to sell to those who either don’t do your bootcamp or want a workout program to supplement at home.

And if you want to know how to create and market fitness info products online like workout DVDs, ebooks, and membership sites then reach out to Bryn, Bedros assistant, and ask for details on his and Craig  Ballantyne’s fitness info mastermind group. Here’s Bryns email for you: [email protected]