Do Not Buy FBBC

Bedros here, hope you’re doing awesome =)

By now you know that Fit Body Boot Camp is turning “everyday trainers” into six and multiple six figure earners.

And you also know that over the last week or so we’ve been accepting applications and assigning territories all over the US and six other countries. In fact we’re about to close the “In Take” proccess tonight (Tuesday, January 25th) at midnight PST and start working with all the new territory owners who got on board to make them super successful.

But you’re probably still a little skeptical about the whole Fit Body Boot Camp thing. You’re probably want to take a “wait and see” approach… I don’t blame you… I’d probably feel the same way because these days there are far too many “opportunities” out there that sound too good to be true. And others that seemed legit, but left people high and dry.

I’ve been there, too. I’ve fallen for that crap out there in the past which is why I decided to write this post and go on “record”.

So I want you to stop listening to me and Steve and everyone else you’re getting emails from about Fit Body Boot Camp, and I want you to watch this video below that came to us yesterday *totally UNSOLICITED* and decide for yourself.

Like I said… these days there are a LOT of “too good to be true” opportunities. But every now and then a REAL opportunity comes by that delivers (and in this case OVER DELIVERS on it’s promise) and if you miss it, then you end up missing out. After all almost 300 successful Fit Body Boot Camp owners in the world couldn’t be wrong.

We’ll be closing the application process for new territories this Tuesday evening the 20th so we can starting working with the over 60 new locations that came on board this past week.


If you feel it in your gut. And you’re willing to work hard and have fun in the process then FBBC is the boot camp business that’s going to get you to six figures. Yes, you do have to work hard.Yes, you will have to take action…  But we give you everything you need, a complete step-by-step system, total support, a turnkey business model and a proven and respected brand….

… because the truth is, we don’t make money unless YOU make money. So it’s in our best interest to make sure that YOU succeed.

So there it is. You heard from Michael in the video above. He’s the real deal and his story is true. And you’ve seen and heard from other FBBC owners throughout this past week who are now enjoying the benefits of owning a real boot camp business that’s nationally recognized, easy to own, operate, and multiply and comes complete with support and systems to get you to massive success.

There’s no catch or fine print with Fit Body Boot Camp. Just follow the program, work hard, lean on us for support and we’ll help you get on pace for six figures in the next 60 to 90 days.

And if you still think that taking the “wait and see” approach is the best idea, then consider this. The next time FBBC opens up it’s going to cost almost double what it costs today to get on board AND even this you may have lost your opportunity becuase someone else might snatch up your territory. Sometimes “waiting” on something so clearly AWESOME is simple the wrong decision becuase in the end you may end up with no opportunity at all.

To apply for a territory and to see if Fit Body Boot Camp is right for you Go Here >> (be sure to do this now because we’re closing down the site tonight at midnight PST)

And to make sure that you are 100% protected we’ve taken all the risk off of you by giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to decided if Fit Body Boot Camp is right for you. Get started now and join the Fit Body Boot Camp family of over 266 locations worldwide and growing!